Friday Shredits: Get Amped for your Weekend

Crash compilations are the best when it’s too cold or wet outside to enjoy the ride. The torrential rain kept me inside last weekend but this week it’s sunny skies. For those of you suffering from rain or snow, maybe you can find some pleasure in these fifty four fails.

Head past the break for more clips

Christian Rigal’s MARKIT welcome to Etnies video features some incredible riding. Some guys make it look too easy.

The Mtb Girls of Queenstown, New Zealand, showcase their talent on the freeride and downhill bikes.


Psi Squared - 12/07/12 - 6:09pm

Saris, who’s the band behind the music in the first video?

Saris - 12/07/12 - 6:11pm

Not certain, but I did a quick search and pulled up:

Lorenzo’s Music – You Got To Feel It Tonight

Psi Squared - 12/07/12 - 10:33pm


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