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bikerumor pic of the day la ruta de los conquistadores

Photo submitted by Luis Rubi, “La Ruta de los Conquistadores – Stage 3.” A multi-day adventure race in Costa Rica.

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Nick - 12/06/12 - 9:00am

Why are these doughboys walking?

Chipolini - 12/06/12 - 2:13pm

right? Yes, it’s bumpy, but that’s what those fat tires are for.

Ernst - 12/06/12 - 5:16pm

Mmm, been there. It is slippery up there and some gaps are wider than you want them to be…

Brendan - 12/07/12 - 1:17pm

This is all conjecture, but:
I think I’ve seen another photo of this point in the race, but zoomed out – that’s a very high bridge. If the riders were allowed to ride it, you’d eventually get riders crossing wheels and falling to their death. I’m guessing they force riders to walk to ensure safety.

Corey - 12/08/12 - 12:18pm

Having ridden this race 3 times including this year, I can tell you that most of the trestles are not rideable in a race scenario. Maybe a solid trials guy could go clean on one, but for the most part they are really delapitated and not uniform. Even on an FS 29er the ties are too far apart to keep momentum. And as Brendan mentioned, some are very high (> 30 feet).

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