2013 CyclePassion Women of Cycling Calendar Out, Plus ‘Making Of’ Video Previews

2013 Cyclepassion women in cycling calendar poster and videos

Cyclepassion’s 2013 calendar featuring women in cycling is back. Next year’s monthly reminder of how the fairer sex can really kick ass on the trail and pavement pairs each athlete with components using some photoshop magic.

Road, mountain bike and triathlon are represented by Anneke Beerten (Netherlands, BMX), Barbara Benkó (Hungary, MTB), Julia Innerhofer (Italy, MTB), Irina Kirchler (Austria, triathlon), Sonya Looney (USA, MTB), Nadine Rieder (Germany, MTB), and Kristina Vogel (Germany, Track). Each page features the studio shot mash up on one side and a race action pic on the other.

Available now for €36. Click through for videos…

They also produce a ‘Making Of’ video to go along with the calendar, here are a few previews:

Above, Kristina Vogel. Below, Nadine Rieder.

Watch all of the previews on Youtube, and the full making of video should eventually be available from Cyclefilm.


WV Cycling - 12/05/12 - 11:49am

As much as I love women and boobies, I Think having them pose on a green-screen to be juxtaposed as Lilliputians next to components is a bit undermining. I appreciate they have action shot s of them riding. That is what I would buy a poster/calendar of.

I will admit I did like cyclepassion’s calendar where the girls were out at famous scenes or posed next to their rides more often. Ex: http://www.bicycling.com/sites/default/files/fck_content/Maja1_combo.jpg

sexism - 12/05/12 - 12:28pm

can’t wait for the male version of this! Thor and Alberto in their undies!

Moove - 12/05/12 - 2:27pm

Is this really necessary? These girls are very good at biking, why show them half naked? Below Bike rumor standards!

notapro - 12/05/12 - 3:01pm

necessary? maybe the ladies wanted to pose? for money? so posting this here makes sense? did you think it was below standards AFTER you watched the vids?

Peter - 12/05/12 - 3:28pm

Creepy. I like porn, but I don’t like this.

Psi Squared - 12/05/12 - 4:46pm

Creepy? I think not. In fact I can’t wait for the 3D movie.

Topmounter - 12/05/12 - 7:33pm

I don’t understand why they are shooting them wearing skank-wear.

digi - 12/05/12 - 7:44pm


Jordan - 12/06/12 - 2:30pm

I can’t think this is good for people taking women’s cycling seriously. Objectifying highly talented women as sex objects doesn’t seem to be the best way for people to realize that these girls are immensly talented, and will kick your ass on the bike anyday.

Jordan - 12/06/12 - 2:32pm

@Sexism: How about like they put the girls posing on miniature bike bomponents, we put Berto on top of a big clenbuterol steak!

Psi Squared - 12/06/12 - 3:06pm

I guess if you can’t separate appreciation of the titillating female form from you daily life and how you treat and respect woman, don’t clink links that take you to articles about CyclePassion calendars or websites with videos about the island of Saphos and the woman that populate it. There are lots of articles and websites that won’t make you feel so uncomfortable.

Ajax - 12/06/12 - 11:22pm

These girls look good! However, if I was looking for a good calendar showing some girls without a lot of clothes, I think other calendars are gonna be better since they use professional models who look even hotter.

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