Peaks Coaching 2-Day Periodization Training Webinar Starts Tomorrow

peaks coaching group periodization training webinar for cyclistsJust a quick little reminder from our friends over at Peaks Coaching Group: Their webinar on Periodization Training starts tomorrow and explains what it is and why it works.

It’s a two day online course that highlights the science behind build and rest periods to peak for certain events. That includes helping you to actually build your own plan for the year. In other words, you can go ahead and commit some time and effort into making a New Year’s Resolution that’s actually based in science. It’s $99 and starts both days at 9pm EST.

Want instant gratification? Check out their monthly training article on this Friday. And read last month’s to get caught up…like Periodization, they’re building on each other.


Topmounter - 12/04/12 - 10:46pm

Oh wow, a 2-day webinar for women.

Kristibee - 12/05/12 - 7:11am

Good try, Topmounter, but not funny. Your punishment is to try to say “periodization” 10x.

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