Hammerhead are giving away TEN MILLION DOLLARS!*

*if they win tonight’s jackpot.  Hey, why not?



Big Cow - 11/28/12 - 10:04pm

Wow, leave it to Hammerhead to try and use the lottery to get them out of their financial problems. I guess this is how they intend to try and keep all the promises they made that they currently don’t have the money to fulfill

MissedThePoint - 11/29/12 - 1:30am

Running a business must be tough in the bike industry.

Interesting way to get Facebook likes and/or e-mail subscribers.

Tony B - 11/29/12 - 1:39am

Big Cow,

The whole point of HammerHead doing this is EXACTLY what you are doing…talking about them. Marketing 101…they do something to stir up a discussion/conversation starter and let it spread.

So technically…you fell for it

Samuel J. Greear - 11/29/12 - 1:50am

They do giveaway contests all the time on their Facebook page, but I am fairly convinced they are scamming their fans by giving the right answers to folks they know (or imaginary people) and/or just ignoring correct answers — they conveniently ignore this when it is brought to their attention. These guys are a big part of what is wrong with the bike industry.

Samuel J. Greear - 11/29/12 - 1:52am

Oh yeah, BikeRumor, this IS NOT NEWS — great job supporting your advertisers but you are surely driving away faithful readers with content like this.

Ck - 11/29/12 - 8:13am

Samuel: You’d be completely wrong. I won a Camelbak Chill from them a month ago in a guess the weight contest. But go ahead and continue to feed yourself conspiracy theories for no intelligent reason.

Samuel J. Greear - 11/29/12 - 12:25pm

Ck, good for you — except I guessed the right weight in the second post on one of their contents and was ignored and saw discussion of the same in other contests, all of the posts about it were subsequently deleted off of the page. Either you’re lucky or they like you, the Hammerhead bikes guys are tools.

Psi Squared - 11/29/12 - 12:53pm

So little proof of conspiracy, yet so much whining.

Critracer918 - 11/30/12 - 1:43pm

I used to work at Hammerhead Bikes and let me tell you the giveaways and contests were real. I drew the names out of an entire niner box filled with slips of paper with e-mails on them. Thousands of e-mails were in the box. Sorry you didn’t win; however, each person who won the frames got them and were extremely grateful for what they won. I also did a lot of the guess the weight competitions and we would get so many guesses it was hard to keep up. Also, if someone guessed more than twice they kind of got disqualified. We definitely didn’t give away anything to people we know. A guy in Nevada won one frame and a guy in Oregon or Washington won another, no clue who they were prior to the contest.

918Bikes - 12/07/12 - 3:37pm

irtraer918 is an owner at Hammerhead Bikes…which is located in Tulsa OK, NOT Austin.
Big Cow, you must be in the industry. Your post is Dead On!

Critracer918 - 12/10/12 - 6:46pm

@918Bikes. I am not an owner Hammerhead bikes or anything ever close to one. Hammerhead is located in Tulsa; however, they started as a store in Austin. I am not sure why they still want people to think they are located in Austin

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