Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Bacon Handups!

bikerumor pic of the day bacon handups at the mad anthony cyclocross race

Photo submitted by Scott Weiss, “Active spectator (Bruce Anderson) handing up bacon to racers (Robert Bentley) at the Mad Anthony CX race at Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, MI on 10/20/2012.” Photo by Diane Weiss.

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Miami - 11/28/12 - 8:05am

Feel free to caption this one more creatively!

Jody C - 11/28/12 - 8:11am

That Bacon is about to meet its maker!

C-Mo - 11/28/12 - 8:45am

A desperate moment for the tongue as the bacon slips away…

Collin - 11/28/12 - 9:24am

Nice to see some love for Mad Anthony CX. It really is a cross like no other. My team help put the show on the first couple years (this year was ran by Andy Stubb of and throughout the year, I would meet people from all over the great lakes region (err at least OH, IN, and IL) talking about how it was their favorite race of the year. Bikerumor, you should do a story on it…

Tom - 11/28/12 - 10:57am

nothing like killing a pig so that you can toss its flesh about!

robo - 11/28/12 - 11:28am

hello new work computer background…

Sean - 11/28/12 - 11:40am

I thought the rider was barfing up something.

PB - 11/30/12 - 9:15am

Looks like a dog snapping at a bacon treat after doing a trick for master.

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