Aaron Gwin Talks About Leogang World Champs Prototype Brake Failure and Shimano Explains

Aaron Gwin has absolutely dominated at the elite level of downhill mountain biking over the past two years, earning two overall titles, but has yet to win to the coveted world champs race. This year, at Leogang, his chance at putting down the fastest lap time where squelched by a brake failure.

As a professional downhill racer, his role is to test prototypes to the limit, ultimately improving the end product for the consumer. Start watching around the five minute park to hear Gwin discuss the race, his aspirations for next year, and his role as a tester.


CW - 11/28/12 - 2:59pm

cue the “if that was an avid brake. . .” comments in 3….2……1…….

wang - 11/28/12 - 3:18pm

I think this video speaks more to the character of Gwin than anything else.

Dave - 11/28/12 - 3:29pm

If it was a Formula brake XD

digi - 11/28/12 - 3:51pm

if it was avid brakes it wouldn’t have worked at all???

shop mechanic - 11/28/12 - 6:45pm

The newest Shimano brakes are the best I have used and very easy to work on. Shimano has really put a lot of effort into eliminating air bubbles and reducing heat. I still don’t understand why people like Sram/Avid stuff. While I am glad to see that Shimano has competition, I have to warranty Sram/Avid stuff 10 times more often than Shimano. Companies like Specialized are putting Sram/Avid OEM on their bikes because it is cheaper.

Aaron - 11/28/12 - 9:50pm

Poor team mechanic is going to get to overhaul those levers every time he has a crash or maybe even every race weekend. Cool video.

bin judgin' - 11/28/12 - 10:47pm

8 pairs of avid brakes, and they all work great. insider speaking though, they fail more often. that said, the level of idiot that is typically working on them is appalling. that said, they should be designed to be idiot proof. mine work great, but i know how to bleed em.

squeaky though. needs bigger rotor brake tracks.

Epic29r - 11/29/12 - 5:02pm

Either way…still sounds like Shimano trying to save face. Liken the Gwin interviews.

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