Fyxation Gates Slim Pedal Hits the Market, A Low Profile BMX-Style Platform


Gates Slim Pedal Green BmxEarlier this year we reviewed the Fyxation Gates pedals laced with Gates straps. After testing them for a summer, they proved worthy to mash, securing the feet without tearing up the kicks. Today, Fyxation released a similar, thinner platform with all the fun colors of the original – the Gates Slim.

Similar to the Gates, it gets a nylon body and a chro-mo spindle with rebuildable ball bearings. They’re 14mm thick (50% thinner than the originals) and 75g lighter, weighing in at 345g a piece. Pricing is $30 for the set, $70 for a kit that includes foot straps. Colors offered are black, white, green, orange, and pink.

More images after the break…

Gates Slim Pedal Green Profile

Gates Slim Pedal Black


Jackie - 11/26/12 - 8:51pm

Man Fixed Gear business is so awesome. No one in BMX could get away with just slapping printed logos on an open mold and the sales price is still half of what this Fyxation is going for. See Salt Plus BMX, Kamigawa Pedal, etc.

alan - 11/27/12 - 3:42pm

$40.00 for straps?

Jason - 11/28/12 - 11:13am

I want to see more pictures of the M2.

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