Custom “Pink Love” Steel 29er Mountain Bike by Cyclo Bicycles

Cyclo Bicycles custom 29er mountain bike with steel Columbus LIFE tubes and Cannondale Lefty fork

We’ve covered one of Cyclo Bicycles’ steel road bikes before, and now they’ve sent over pics of a custom 29er mountain bike build for us to enjoy.

Dubbed the Cyclo Totxo Pink Love Edition, it’s built with Columbus LIFE tubes and built around a Cannondale Lefty fork. Build includes Rotor & Qrings + XTR Drivetrain, Mavic SLR wheels with Maxxis tubeless tires, Ritchey cockpit and KCNC post + TUNE Speedneedle saddle. Rounding it all out is a King Cage SS bottleholder.

The frame is fillet brazed with a clear coated rear end. More pics after the break…

Cyclo Bicycles custom 29er mountain bike with steel Columbus LIFE tubes and Cannondale Lefty fork

Cyclo Bicycles custom 29er mountain bike with steel Columbus LIFE tubes and Cannondale Lefty fork

Cyclo Bicycles custom 29er mountain bike with steel Columbus LIFE tubes and Cannondale Lefty fork

Cyclo Bicycles custom 29er mountain bike with steel Columbus LIFE tubes and Cannondale Lefty fork

Cyclo Bicycles is out of Barcelona, Spain. Check out some of their other recent builds on their website.


Steve - 11/23/12 - 1:35pm

Beautiful bike!! I’m really liking the rear brake caliper mount!!

Androo - 11/23/12 - 2:49pm

I’d love to see more Lefties in the wild. It’s a shame that only Cannondale is behind mono-forks, and the requirement for specific wheelsets. The stiffness/weight advantage of a single leg is pretty big. There’s a reason airplanes don’t use forks…

CW - 11/23/12 - 6:15pm

that guy must have the worlds longest index fingers

Yeahaaa!!!_ - 11/23/12 - 6:18pm

I agree about the fork and its performance but it looks too dang weird for my tastes

Bandwagon Hipster - 11/24/12 - 3:08am

Lefty forks look like gimmicks, which is enough to mask their true benefits.

GerJens - 11/24/12 - 3:55am

This bike’s for me , right?!

Keith - 11/24/12 - 9:15am

NOTHING BEATS A LEFTY! I won’t ride a bike without one. It’s just a question of taste IMHO. I believe a LEFTY makes ANY bike look and more importantly function better. First LEFTY was on a 2001 Jekyll. Currently on my Jet9 and my Flash29 singlespeed. LONG LIVE THE LEFTY!

bc - 11/24/12 - 9:15am

The problem with Lefty forks is that they’re made by Cannondale. Even with Fox on board, they still haven’t been able to make a seal with a crap. When I sold Cannondale, it was unusual for a customer to get a year of regular use out of a Lefty before it had to be serviced (new seals, new fluid, sometimes new stanchion). That’s basically unheard of on a Fox or Rock Shox.

Bill - 11/24/12 - 10:48am

BC, how often do u think a “normal” fork’s service life is? A serious rider should service their fork every year if they are riding in such conditions. The latest lefty should be even more durable with the new bearing/bushing setup and lip seal. And by the way, what kind of scam are you running replacing “stanchions”. This is unnecessary, as you would just replace the bearing race strips. FYI Fox factory seals are shit, and not covered under any warranty. I personally replace their seals with ENDURO blue seals as soon as I buy the fork. I sure wouldn’t want that pretty gold coating to wear out:)

Hoppy - 11/24/12 - 2:43pm

Good call Bill. I have a new 2013 carbon lefty on my scalpel and it is awesome. You get pass the way it looks after the first mile of riding. Like any fork or shock it should be serviced at least once a year. My specialized epic needed forks and shock service at least once a year even if it just sat in the garage to stay under warranty. For anyone who hasn’t tried a lefty I would say take one for a spin. It will change the way you look at forks or should I say fork. You can even get longer travel lefty’s and aftermarket kits for different bikes now. Androo not only some aircraft but most vehicles on the road use single sided shock and wheel support including some motorbikes.

Chunky - 11/24/12 - 3:30pm

lol what planet are you riding on bc?!!

Do you know the service intervals for a Fox!! Of course Fox don’t need care and attention, a year between service, no worn stanchions……. LOL!!!

CXisfun - 11/24/12 - 8:39pm

@Hoppy: You should always say “fork” and not “forks” unless you’re talking about multiple forks. A bike only uses one “fork”, you should never refer to it as “forks”. Do you refer to your single 4-prong eating utensil as “a fork” or a single one as “forks”?

Hoppy - 11/24/12 - 9:31pm

Fork of course. I was just taking the piss

TTT - 11/24/12 - 9:50pm

Release a 160 supermax and i’ll be happy!

comrade - 11/25/12 - 3:25am

in all this fork talk no one mentioned the 83 degree head tube angle. what a great bike….

ziguantanejo - 11/25/12 - 1:19pm

Nice! Lefty needs a lot of attention but it’s smooth as butter.. Rotate the picture and head angle will be 90…come on!

MaLóL - 11/25/12 - 3:11pm

steel frame with mavic wheels… Too eclectic, to say the least.

Bogwolf - 11/26/12 - 9:27am

Re Hoppy, singlesided swingarms on motorbikes are a bit of a debate, they have to be beefed up so much compared to double arms to get the torsional stifness that they usually weigh more, but damn do they look good.

Slow Joe Crow - 11/26/12 - 11:32am

@Bogwolf, the primary intent of single sided swingarms on motorcycles was faster wheel changes which was why they first appeared on endurance racers and then crossed over to to street use for homologation reasons.
Back on topic, the Fox Float on my bike hasn’t leaked or required service for 5 seasons of riding so there may be some basis to their reliability claim. I would still consider hanging a Lefty off the front of my Trek just for the double takes but a fork worth more than my bike isn’t cost effective for me.

Wrench - 11/26/12 - 4:02pm

You don’t want to wear stanchions, yet you chose to ride Enduro seals? Seals with significantly more drag, and much tighter fitting. That wear stanchions like it is their job.

NotAMachinist - 11/26/12 - 4:18pm

Why do the pop-over labels say “titanium” when Columbus Life is a steel tubing?

Cyrus - 11/30/12 - 5:13am

Technically…it’s a strut. BC is smoking crack about Fox. They are shite! I will take a Lefty over any thing out there. Been rocking one on my Selma for years with the Project321 adapter.

Jacob - 07/05/13 - 11:57am

LOL what is up with the 2 finger brake setup. Who is this guy, Larry Longfinger.

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