Battaglin Teases 650-gram Road Frame for 2013 Race Season

2013 Battaglin Supreme 650 gram Italian made carbon fiber road bike

Battaglin, an Italian brand that makes all of their bikes in their own factory in Italy, made their way to the US in 2010.

Now, they’re teasing us with the upcoming Battaglin Supreme road bike, a full carbon frame that should tip the scales at a wispy 650 grams in size medium. Details are sparse, and photos are nonexistent at the moment (that’s a ghosted pic of their C13 above), but we do know it’s an entirely new frame and will come spec’d with either Campagnolo Super Record or Shimano Dura-Ace and Mavic R-SYS SLR wheels and an FSA carbon cockpit. It’ll also include an Italian-made BPeople carbon saddle.

The brand was started by former Giro and Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin. Customers can choose to visit their factory, stay in their hotel and ride with them when they buy a bike.


mullet racer - 11/23/12 - 11:14am

No thanks!

Riccardo - 11/23/12 - 12:27pm

an Italian brand that makes all of their bikes in their own factory in Italy

I don’t Think so….

carl - 11/23/12 - 1:15pm

That’s 22.92 ozs or 1.43lbs. The era of disposable $10,000 bikes has arrived.

Psi Squared - 11/23/12 - 1:48pm

How do you know, it’s disposable, Carl? Are you a composites expert who’s studied the design in depth, or are you just giving a knee jerk response to something about which you have zero knowledge?

Alan - 11/23/12 - 4:32pm

someone call the fire department, he just got burned!

Bandwagon Hipster - 11/24/12 - 3:04am

Pedal faster. Save $5k

Potto - 11/24/12 - 5:45am

Their TT frame is made by Dedacciai in Taiwan

Rasmus - 11/24/12 - 5:52am

+1 for psi’s comment

Powerful Pete - 11/24/12 - 11:00am

Why the hate? Battaglin is a legit brand in Italy that does produce at their own factory, and is well known as a solid “bang for the buck” brand that markets solid bikes. On top of it all, the sponsor one of the most competitive road dilettanti teams (Zalf Fior).

Looking forward to seeing this – will then see if it is worthwhile or not.

Steve M - 11/24/12 - 12:30pm

Call me skeptical. A frame has to abide by certain volumetric rules. Todays carbon frames are generally pretty balloonish to fit large BB’s and big diameter fork steerers. In order to get the frame out of the mold the down tube and top tube are large as well. So if you take the amount of cubic inches of material needed to fill those shapes and divide by the mass you get really thin walls. It can be done but you are going to pay a heavy price.

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