Burro Releases Quickdraw U-Lock Belt Holsters

burro ulock holsters multi colors

Burro Bags caters to the urban crowd, providing a wide selection of messenger bags, backpacks, hip bags, and pedal straps. They’ve just upped their urban fashion/function appeal with the Quickdraw, a new line of adjustable u-lock holsters made to hold u-locks ranging in widths from 4″-6″. Construction is from a two inch seatbelt wrapped in a velcro Cordura weather resistant fabric. Made from the same American-sourced materials used in the construction of their bags and pedal straps, the holsters should hold up well against the stresses of urban all-weather use.  Available in the four colors shown above, the Quickdraw retails for $25.

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burro ulock holster mounted on belt

burro u lock holster side

burro u lock holster adjustable


Aaron - 11/22/12 - 3:13am

I’ve never understood why this is necessary. I just tuck the damn thing into my belt.

Tim Nice - 11/22/12 - 4:50am

“Why is this necessary” Why use a bowl when you can just eat out of the pan :p

Canucklehead - 11/22/12 - 11:53am

Great for the casually dressed – doesn’t do anything for spandex shorts or bibs :/

bin judgin' - 11/22/12 - 3:20pm

there are different versions from a few companies for riding with spandex. its a full belt with a small pouch for tools, and a ulock holster. its helpful for the casual 50 mile rides..

reverend dick - 11/22/12 - 7:54pm

Nice, Tim. Your comparison is facetious. I’m not strapping the bowl to myself and rolling around town with it, chillin in the club wid it, or even lying in the gutter whilst so encumbered. All of those are things I will do with a u-lock jammed in my belt on the bike and not being the fashion victim off it.

kris - 11/26/12 - 4:48pm

As a retired messenger I would loved this in my younger, hipper days.

Poiuyt Man - 12/04/12 - 12:06pm

Aaron/Dick: I used to just tuck it into my belt, then tried the Fabric Horse U-Lock Holster. WAY more comfortable. I often have to reach back when I’m riding and check to make sure I didn’t forget my lock somewhere.

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