Live from the streets – Bikes makes crazy beats

Warning – some crude language

The latest episode of Live From The Streets is unlike any other featuring more ambition, more souls, and more artists per measure than any other episode. From Jedi Mind Tricks to BMX, Mr. Green mixes magic in his lab. In his own words:

“This episode is different than anything we’ve done before because it’s made from a collection of sounds we recorded over the last few months. First, we met up with Edwin De La Rosa at Union Square and filmed him making some sounds with his bike. We also talked about how you have to be kind of crazy to ride bmx. We then met Taylor Fleming and recorded her playing an original song on the mandolin. Next, we headed to Kearny, New Jersey to a Jedi Mind Tricks concert to film some clips of Vinnie Paz and Pace Won. First, we got Vinnie to do a call-and-response with the crowd and then we filmed Pace doing a simple drop. Finally, we took all the sounds back to the lab and made the beat ‘Bikes Make Crazy Sounds.”

P.S. To listen to the beat click here:


Zach - 11/14/12 - 4:57pm

Soooooooooooo Rad!

Fatty - 11/15/12 - 2:06am

Well the hot chick is appreciated! But can we get back to bike parts! Stupid video!

Rob - 11/15/12 - 5:30am

I like it, it’s better to watch this than to work right….

satisFACTORYrider - 11/15/12 - 10:18am

i dig it. it balances out the the stupid bike parts that happen.

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