Watch This: The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

It’s not quite a cycling video but it does feature two of our favorite extreme athletes – Danny Macaskill and Drew Bezanson.


mike - 11/12/12 - 8:17pm

what an awesome company.

Jake - 11/12/12 - 9:38pm

Like a giant version of Mouse Trap!

Mindless - 11/13/12 - 12:32am

What are they trying to promote? Caffeine?

Gillis - 11/13/12 - 12:57am

meh. Didn’t really do anything for me. The concept was good but the execution was lacking for me. Like Macaskill’s bike swinging over just so he could grab it was weak. (and golf? really?)

Have him positioned on the end of a fixed teeter-totter that is released and tilts him into a roll-in for that jump…that would have been cool(er) or at least more interesting.

Also, Mark Webbah or Sebastian Vettel should have been there with the F1 car, not sure how they could’ve left that out.

Topmounter - 11/13/12 - 10:03am

That might be impressive if they pulled it off in a single take, otherwise meh.

Sancho - 11/13/12 - 11:43am

all my favorite xxxtreme sports rolled into one video

ascar larkinyar - 11/13/12 - 12:37pm


ijws - 11/13/12 - 12:46pm

25 years earlier (in one take, with a much better soundtrack)

Slow Joe Crow - 11/14/12 - 2:29pm

That was cool, although OK Go would be a better soundtrack choice.

ridetall - 11/15/12 - 3:32pm

capital LAME!!!!

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