Industry Nine Rolls Out Road Tubeless Wheelsets, Adds Stan’s Arch EX 650B Rim Option

Industry Nine i25 Road Tubeless wheelsetIndustry Nine has just announced their new 2013 i25TL Road Tubeless wheelset.

Built with an in-house designed 23.5mm wide rim (19mm inside), the set comes in at a claimed weight of just 1425g without tape or valves. Rim depth is 25mm, and they come in right around 450g per rim. Rims will come in black and a new polished silver (shown). Front wheels get bumped from 18 to 20 spokes for a better ride, and they’re still running Sapim CX Ray spokes and their house-made hubs.

This is their first self-designed rim. They’ve offered their road hubs built up to Stan’s Alpha 340, but this new one is meant for a broader range of riders. They’ll retail for $1,100 and are available now. They’ve been testing them on the pavement, at cyclocross races and across gravel roads in the mountains and are calling these hoops a “quiver killer” suitable for any type of riding.

On the dirt, they’ve added Stan’s 440g Arch EX 650B rims as a build option. Now, their 650B line more or less mirrors the 29er range of options, which includes Crest and Flow rims, but not the new Reynolds carbon rim option.


junkshow - 11/09/12 - 1:11pm

Its hard to tell from that image but this appears to be a “tubeless compatible” conversion-style system. Not the RoadTubeless system as stated in the headline.

I’ve set up and used both of these systems and the difference is dramatic.

dave - 11/09/12 - 3:09pm

It is indeed Road Tubeless, not a “tubeless compatible” style for non-Road Tubeless clinchers.

Jonny - 11/09/12 - 5:12pm

So they’re the same weight as my Stan’s road wheels, but have less spokes, and cost twice as much…

44gnats - 11/09/12 - 8:32pm

Same weight as your Stan’s road wheels, with fewer spokes… but 674,396 x as stiff. Wider too, I believe. Far superior to Stan’s…

dale - 11/09/12 - 11:11pm

Yeah the I9 hubs are a lot better too. I have three sets of stans wheels and both the ztr and micro 58 front hubs are crappy. Also the original alpha 340 rim is a pretty weak rim and the rears needed truing often. The newer stronger one is better though.

dale - 11/09/12 - 11:12pm

And I like the blue! So over red.

bin judgin' - 11/09/12 - 11:35pm

industry nine hubs are the shit

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