Limited Edition Bianchi Oltre XR Gimondi Road Bike Celebrates Legend’s 70th Birthday

2013 Bianchi Oltre XR Gimondi 70 limited edition racing road bike

Felice Gimondi, who turned 70 on September 29th, was the second cyclist in history to win all three Grand Tours – The Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España.

Bianchi is celebrating his longevity with a special, limited edition of their Oltre XR racing road bike. Only 70 will be made, and they’ll have bits of the frame painted the same blue Gimondi wore on his Bianchi jersey back in the day. It also happens to be the same color as the sapphire, his birthstone.

Other than color and graphics, which includes a list of his victories inscribed on the downtube, the bike gets a full Campagnolo Super Record EPS electronic group, vintage Bianchi logos from the late ’60s and early ’70s, and custom Campagnolo Bora wheels with Veloflex tubulars, Selle San Marco saddle and Elite water bottle. It’s capped off with La Spirale white bar tape. Retail should be around $17,500 (!!!) US.

UPDATE: Orders are being taken now, delivery in late January. No particular allotments per country or region; first come, first served.

Detail pics below…

2013 Bianchi Oltre XR Gimondi 70 limited edition racing road bike

2013 Bianchi Oltre XR Gimondi 70 limited edition racing road bike

2013 Bianchi Oltre XR Gimondi 70 limited edition racing road bike


Kyle G - 11/08/12 - 3:00pm

The car my wife and I are looking at is less than this bike…

Pancakes - 11/08/12 - 3:07pm

It’s wall decoration for people who spend $70k on their cars. It’s all proportionate.

Betty Beige - 11/08/12 - 3:26pm

Bianchi still makes Bikes?

Chris - 11/08/12 - 3:42pm

I wouldn’t decorate my compost pile with that thing.

Steve M - 11/08/12 - 4:03pm

Or about dollar for every decal.

Ck - 11/08/12 - 4:32pm

Hasn’t Bianchi made enough special editions in recent years? It’s a cool bike, for sure, but nothing to get excited about when you consider the cost. These bikes won’t get ridden.

Gillis - 11/08/12 - 4:36pm

Wouldn’t a modernized replica be more appropriate? You know, a steel frame, modern geometry and components, with vintage paint an decals. That would something worth buying over this. But then they couldn’t charge 17.5 grand i guess. Bianchi has sure losts its way in the last 5-10 years.

Mindless - 11/08/12 - 6:03pm

No disk brakes?

Dale - 11/08/12 - 6:38pm

They should dump the toothpaste green color and go back to blue.

Ryan - 11/08/12 - 8:54pm

17.5 grand and no fenders!?!? What gives!?

Xris - 11/08/12 - 9:03pm

No rear rack mounts either. Outrage.

Tom - 11/09/12 - 8:25am

Who designs the graphics for these things? I completely understand he legacy with celeste and their brand, but everything else is so poorly executed. You have some modern looking typefaces lining the tubes, The Bianchi wordmark, and then the name of the model in some font that looks like it could be on a Frigidaire or ugly Chevy from the 70’s, and them script fonts, and signatures. A plethora of ugly accident colours. Not hanging on my wall!

Mike - 11/09/12 - 7:42pm

I kind of like it. The Bora’s look a little like Lightweight’s . . . .which is not such a bad thing.

yuwskey - 11/11/12 - 5:38pm

I feel a Bianchi made TREK bike.

Sam P - 04/11/13 - 11:22pm

It is great bike ever made. I love it. The price is a bit high but not much compare to Colnago one.

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