Commencal Adds Flat Bar Road Bikes for Training, Commuting

2013 Commencal Le Route flat bar road bike for fitness training and commuting

Commencal’s Le Route is the brand’s new entry into road bikes, and it takes a different tack.

Frame geometry and build kits are mostly road bike, but with a 560mm-wide flat bar and slightly slacker (71.5º) head angle. Their aiming it at folks that want the speed of a road bike but more for fitness or commuting.

Frames are triple butted 6061 alloy with internal cable routing, a straight 1-1/8″ head tube and use a 27.2 seatpost. Four models are offered ranging from €999 up to €1,999 for the top level model (shown) with SRAM Force and Schwalbe tires.


Doug B - 11/08/12 - 9:13am

No rack or fender mounts on a commuter bike? kinda limits its appeal.

pmurf - 11/08/12 - 10:50am

I’m crazy about electric green. I wonder how this would look/perform built up as a traditional racer with drops?

@DougB agreed – even with the target audience of “commuters who want to go fast” they’re probably alienating quite a few potential buyers with the exclusion of mounts. They could have tried something like Trek’s vanishing fender mounts for a slick look.

JonDanger FTW - 11/08/12 - 11:19am

With road geometry, flat bars, and a >90mm stem that thing is gonna fit no one but T-rex.

dale - 11/08/12 - 2:23pm

I don’t get the flat bar, is it supposed to be for MTB dudes to feel right at home? I don’t get it. I ride both road and mtb and feel gimped with a flat bar on the road. The green is hot tho.

notapro - 11/08/12 - 2:24pm

knowing commencal’s pedigree, it probably has longer tts than normal and adjusted fork rake. that would explain the flat bar set up. the t-rex is always an issue cause they have small brains..

notapro - 11/08/12 - 2:32pm

71.5 deg ha, right? that’s a skinny wheeled 29er with a rigid fork is all that is. just like most high end 29 xc race bikes.

Cam - 11/08/12 - 11:12pm

I’m digging it! I bet it’s a blast to ride. i would add a 110mm stem though.

Mindless - 11/09/12 - 1:19am

Needs disk brakes.

Drew - 11/17/12 - 2:13pm

@dale Few MTB guys are gonna feel at home on a 560mm bar….agree with Mindless that this thing needs disc brakes (and 720mm bars)

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