Video: Downhill Dawg

James and his dog Amber go for a downhill freeride at The Lookout in Swinley Forest. Filmed with GoPro HD, dog Amber is a Hungarian Vizsla, bike is a Transition TR250.

Thanks to David for the link.


notanMTBrider - 11/06/12 - 9:38am

That is awesome.

Thom - 11/06/12 - 9:47am

That ROCKS!!!

carl - 11/06/12 - 9:53am

Notice how when the the trail forks Amber takes the shorter route? Smart dog. Go AMBER!

Betty Beige - 11/06/12 - 10:02am

Sweet Scrubs Amber!

Bogwolf - 11/06/12 - 10:21am

He’s shredding the trails and Amber has no problem keeping up. Used to take my parents mini schnauzer out DHing with me, he couldn’t cope so well on small legs, used to loose him on the fast bits.

CJ - 11/06/12 - 10:25am

My Weimaraner does the same thing. If i don’t take him 2-3 times a week. He eats my gear in the garage.
I have gone through 3 helmets and 2 Geigerrig bladders in the last few months. I need to ride more.
You cannot beat him down the hill, he will race you. Top gear 34/11 100 rpm’s and he still will pull you kicking rocks the whole way.

Sean - 11/06/12 - 11:34am

This is a travesty! Where is that dog’s helmet? When is the bike press going to wake up and quit glorifying dangerous behavior?? I assume that, at least, that’s a Road ID wrapped around his neck.

Andrew F - 11/06/12 - 12:04pm

Impressive traction, what pressure does he use in those paws?

RUSTYDOGG - 11/06/12 - 2:34pm

Beautiful dog. K9 Cheetah.

Max - 11/06/12 - 3:56pm

I’ve seen this video several times and it always brightens my day. I need a dog.

EricNM - 11/06/12 - 4:29pm

…worse, I just heard that Specialized is suing Amber for patent infringement. Apparently, her design is eerily similar to a trail dog that the big red S has in development…

Gillis - 11/06/12 - 7:02pm

+1 to Max and EricNM

fuzzbuzz - 11/06/12 - 7:35pm

Dear BikeRumor, thanks for posting this awesomeness. It really shows to soul of MTB’ing – at least for me. That dawg has some skills! Railing berms, bubba-scrubbing the jumps and taking the cheater lines. Amber has a future in Super-D for sure.

zoobike - 11/06/12 - 8:04pm

Man’s best friend….

bob - 11/07/12 - 3:02am

So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv2mtb - 11/07/12 - 9:20am

Man I miss my Weim…… Thx for the vid. Dogs are the best riding partner

Teamcliff - 11/12/12 - 7:44am

Wish I could take my bulldog riding with me :(

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