The Best Kind Of Bike Thief?

According to Reddit:

“My friend got his bike stolen, two days later it appeared with this note.”

The note suggests the forced bike loan was of great aid and would be paid forward? Well, stranger things have happened…



Timothy Burgher - 11/06/12 - 6:41am

If this happened every single time then steal my bike all you want…unless it’s summer then I want to ride it outside.

Sam - 11/06/12 - 6:46am

Holy S**t its a $2 bill!

Jake - 11/06/12 - 7:08am

@Sam: That was my reaction as well! At least they went through the effort of getting something special, even if it was only worth $2.

Quickie - 11/06/12 - 8:28am

Hard times if you’re spending the $2-bill your grandmother gave you for your Birthday when you were 10. Good call on “appreciating in value” Grandma, 20 years later and it is still worth $2.

NotAMachinist - 11/06/12 - 10:56am

My grandmother must know your grandmother, she gave me a $2 bill for my birthday this year, and I’m 44!

Caliente - 11/06/12 - 11:32am

$2 bills are nothing special. Ask for them at the bank, they’ve got them.

SteezyD - 11/06/12 - 1:43pm

I only carry $2 bills…. and Sacajawea Coins

Chris - 11/08/12 - 10:05am

The original Ted’s Montana Grill (Ted Turner’s restaurant) gave $2 bills as change, at least in the early days.

Drew - 11/10/12 - 4:28pm

Thumb tack thru the saddle? Lame.

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