Found: Poler Camo Cycling Kit


Poler, maker of fine camping goods and apparel, and sponsor of the Poler SSCX team, have worked with Endo Customs to produce a fine cycling kit.  The kit includes bibs, jersey, and arm warmers, and comes in your choice of green or black furry camo.  And if you notice, the furry camo matches the Poler logo nicely.  The kit is sold complete for $300, comes in Small / Medium / Large / X`Large, and if you want to disappear while riding your bike, it can be obtained via preorder only.  Email to reserver yours.

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Topmounter - 11/05/12 - 3:47pm

That’s an awesome looking helmet!

And I’m not sure what the point of the lycra straight-jacket looking thing is exactly.

uglyyeti - 11/05/12 - 3:52pm

Just in time for hunting season!

mike - 11/05/12 - 3:54pm

do i want something that is going to make it harder for vehicle to see me?

pen1s Hurtz - 11/05/12 - 4:03pm

Not much of a review here. Why did you want us to know this? I hope this is not the type of empty reviews we will be seeing from now on.

Matt - 11/05/12 - 4:09pm

this is so dumb it makes my head hurt.

Weileramer - 11/05/12 - 4:18pm

Not a good choice for riding Tsali right now. Might be a good choice on the road to get some redneck ‘recognition’, at least where I ride.

ridetall - 11/05/12 - 4:22pm

for $300, i’d like my camo bibs to match my camo jersey…shame about the different greens.

vectorbug - 11/05/12 - 4:31pm

A really nice alternative to all the flash-bang kits at every sunday club ride and race ever. If you can’t take a joke then get out of the way.

Speedy - 11/05/12 - 4:38pm

@pen1s Hurtz – where did you get the idea this is a review? It says “Found” not “Review” in the headline.

@ vectobug – couldn’t agree more.

@ mike – I think this was intended more for racing on the Cross circuit, not for everyday riding – but if you do ride it on the road, throw on a hunter orange vest ok.

@ Weileramer – a very valid point. In southern IL it might get you some street cred to ha ha.

LD - 11/05/12 - 4:53pm

yeah thats really been thought out!! obviously the dudes behind this don’t spend too much time on the road mixing it up with cars!!!

phat tyre - 11/05/12 - 5:01pm

primal wear used to do a nice camo baggy short. Looks ok arm warmers etc. PLUS I kinda think if saw a roadie in full camo kit while I was driving I would notice unless of course I was driving through the woodz :)

Sevo - 11/05/12 - 5:44pm

hahaha this is sooooo awesome!

Can you guys score better pics of the “Fuzzy Black Camo” please in a full skin suit?

Sancho - 11/05/12 - 6:54pm

It’s pretty hilarious that people are concerned about not being seen by cars while wearing this.

Gal - 11/05/12 - 7:05pm

Not smart at all.
For $300 I should just buy a gun and kill myself instead of getting this “Suicide Kit”

Nivlac - 11/05/12 - 7:12pm

This is awesome for trail poachers – try to think of the things it could be, rather than forcing it into your own concept of what it isn’t.

dan - 11/05/12 - 8:24pm

Can I wear it to Walmart?

Betty Beige - 11/05/12 - 8:35pm

Going for the “Fugly” Look?? Winner

Scott - 11/05/12 - 9:17pm

I kind of wish they would have at least made some “hunter orange” high-visibility color accents…

Brandon - 11/05/12 - 10:00pm

Ha! I’m with @Sancho…

Nate@Poler - 11/05/12 - 10:50pm

We decided to make this kit available to the public after receiving multiple inquires into purchase after it having been seen at CX races. This kit is more of a race cut then a club cut, but you can do with it as you like.

professore - 11/05/12 - 10:57pm

I don’t think it is any worse than any other cycling kit.

Dans - 11/05/12 - 10:57pm

What a f***ing joke, get real Bike Rumor!

Ricky Bob - 11/06/12 - 12:21am

Yet another example of how is going downhill.

Gillis - 11/06/12 - 1:06am

RIcky Bob, the only thing that has gone downhill on BikeRumor is the quality of comment(or)s.

Nathan - 11/06/12 - 1:41am

Hey it’s Aubrey! Sick kit. All the haters lack any sort of style.

Speedy - 11/06/12 - 3:07am


diehipsterdie - 11/06/12 - 9:23am

sorry its no flanderian jersey (deleted), I’m buying this because its badass and if you havent checked out poler stuff you should!

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