Times Up! Back In Action w/ Bicycle Generators in Manhattan

Times Up organization powers Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy with free cell phone charging station powered by bicycle generatorsLast time we saw Times Up!, they were powering the Occupy Wall Street movement with their bicycle generators.

Now, they’re providing power for a less controversial cause: Folks left without power due to Hurricane Sandy.

They’re set up in Manhattan spinning electrons into existence to charge peoples’ phones and other small devices, including laptops.

According to the Examiner, they’re set up in front of ABC No Rio Community Center, 156 Rivington Street, between Clinton and Suffolk on the Lower East side. from noon until sundown and will continue the service until Con Edison restores power to all of lower Manhattan.

Photo: Laurie Mittelman


Topmounter - 11/03/12 - 12:57pm

Bloomberg would have been better off banning electricity than big sugary drinks if he really wanted to make a dent in obesity. Regardless, the only person I see pedaling in that picture is the single, solitary skinny guy.

bottomcounter - 11/03/12 - 1:14pm

topmounter sounds a bit unhappy and overweight. some one get him a big gulp and turn of the electric.

bc - 11/03/12 - 7:12pm

Who else remembers Aus Rotten as ABC No Rio? Good times.

Ricky Bob - 11/04/12 - 12:20am

Occupy wall street? You mean poop on cop cars and form drum circles while contemplating your next rape victim. Shame on BikeRumor.com for giving a company who supported that “movement” any space on their website.

RJ - 11/04/12 - 1:11pm

I don’t know much about this group’s history, but I sure do think it’s generous of them to be helping out right now.

Chipollini - 11/04/12 - 10:36pm

LOL Ricky Bob, The ‘occupy’ movement was comprised unorganized, unaffiliated groups with out a single voice – that’s why they couldn’t produce positive results, and all we remember is violence, stupidity and the 99%. Sadly, what could have been a platform of positive change was highjacked physically by the black block, and other hooligan types. By infiltrating the crowds of protesters, then attacking the police and vandalizing property – when the police react they retreat into the safety of the crowd… And the cops don’t care who’s head they crack, be it masked anarchist or the peaceful dirty hippy – why not its fun and they get paid overtime for it. Also Rickey, it would have been funnier if you emphasized “movement” in relation to pooping on cars : )

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