The Future is Now: Oakley Airwave Goggles with Heads Up Display

Goggle wearing outdoor enthusiasts everywhere rejoice. Oakley has introduced a new product this week which will turn anyone with the cash into the Six Million Dollar man. As you shred, the goggles use a built in display produced by Recon Instruments to display speed and altitude. The information displayed in the right hand corner is perceived by the wearer as a 14″ screen viewed from 5′ away.

Hell, you can even read your text messages and switch tracks with the device. Lost? The units come preloaded with maps of over 600 resorts. You can use the built in GPS to locate where you’re headed. The goggles also pair via bluetooth and with your cellphone or a Power Rangers Communicator “watch” to interact or display miscellaneous information.

Perhaps the coolest feature for bros with cash is the “Jump Analytics” which measures the height, distance, and air you’re catching. Swag.

Just a mere $599.99 and available today in Apple and Oakley stores.


harrochan - 11/01/12 - 4:01pm

when is the bike version of this coming out?

bikerdrone - 11/01/12 - 4:03pm

The end user market for this kind of thing won´t need any “jump analytics”.
Fat middle aged IT professionals only jump by accident.

PsiSquared - 11/01/12 - 4:17pm

Quasi-HUD. Not a real HUD.

David - 11/01/12 - 4:54pm

nice distraction from being Lance’s last holdout sponsor

Topmounter - 11/01/12 - 4:56pm

Wow, all that for the price of a couple trips to your neighborhood AMP?!?

Samuel J. Greear - 11/01/12 - 7:06pm

These have been around for a while, the Oakley partnership is new ->

Caliente - 11/01/12 - 7:43pm

I ski, catch air, ride mtb & road. I think this is rad. Do I want one? Hell yes. Do I want to pay for one? Not particularly.

There is a market for this stuff. I’m glad Oakley behind this. They’ve got the big $$ and the marketing machine.

Kudos for them having it AVAILABLE TODAY. Holy cow. If only all products were like that!

Luke - 11/01/12 - 8:44pm

Compition will bring price down as with everything. This with a liquid image style camera would be awesome.

JimmyZ - 11/02/12 - 4:04am

is this the same recon that makes ballistic goggles capable of stopping bullets?
I think that the price can be justified (once a camera is integrated) due to the features of various devices put into a form factor that is required gear for many, without the need for a chest mount, bar mount, etc.

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