Hutchinson Drops Road & Mountain Bike Tire Prices, Adds Dealer Direct Sales

Hutchinson has just announced that, in addition to their continued use of US distributors, they’re adding a dealer direct sales rep network.

The goal is to better introduce the products and their benefits to shop employees through hands-on visits. The first rep signed on is none other than pro racer Rahsaan Bahati, who’ll handle southern California. Along with the renewed push at retail, riders can expect to see a 25% drop in road bike tire MSRP and about 10% drop in mountain bike tires across the board.


Topmounter - 10/31/12 - 12:17pm


david schroeder - 10/31/12 - 1:23pm

any word on their road tubeless? Also 25% drop?

Jason - 10/31/12 - 7:28pm

Road tubeless tires have an MSRP of $99.99 up to $114.99 depending on the model.
Hutchinson now has 4 Road Tubeless models and a new 28c width ‘Tubeless Ready’ model.

sillybike - 10/31/12 - 7:56pm

Price drop is in need! Hutchinson tire lost sales @ IBD’s for the reason you could buy them @ Performance bike for what IBD’s would pay for them, Hutchinson can suck IT!

dale - 11/01/12 - 1:51am

99-114 for the road tubeless? That is mental. I have a few of every model of their road tubeless tires and never paid more than $50-60 for one. Just look on ebay or google/shopping for best prices. 25% off a msrp that high, no wonder!

PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 11/04/12 - 10:41pm

Will they be on PROMOTIVE?

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