Bike Check: George Hincapie’s BMC Team Machine & Gran Fondo Race Bikes

George Hincapie BMC Gran Fondo GF01 race road bike

We already checked teammate Cadel Evans’ bike out here, but the man of the hour brought along three bikes for his Gran Fondo.

George Hincapie’s BMC Gran Fondo GF01 is shown above, which we heard was the bike he actually used for the ride. Resting next to it were two of his Team Machine SLR01s, one of which had been ridden that day by someone else…and that was the one most customized by Big George. Click on through for pics and weights…

George Hincapie BMC Gran Fondo GF01 race road bike

His GF01 had a mostly stock setup save for the upgrade from Ultegra Di2 to Dura-Ace Di2…but still the 10-speed version. The saddle looked practically brand new. One thing we’ve noticed is so many pros choose a smaller frame size and run a very set back saddle and long stem:

George Hincapie BMC Gran Fondo GF01 race road bike

Hmmm – must’ve run out of Easton stems. Notice the electrical tape over the badge on the cap and the logo at the steerer tube clamp. We’ll give you one guess.

George Hincapie BMC Gran Fondo GF01 race road bike

Hincapie knew how much climbing was in store and went with Easton’s lighter carbon EC90 SL wheels. The GF01 comes stock with alloy Easton wheels and wider tires to soak up the bumps, but the Gran Fondo route was pretty smooth.

George Hincapie BMC Gran Fondo GF01 race road bike

Complete bike weight with pedals and two bottle cages was 16lbs 0oz.

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

One of his Team Machine SLR01 bikes was pretty much stock except for the switch to alloy wheels. This one comes stock with the EC90 SLX carbon wheels. Like the GF01, note the massive seatpost extension and long stem. The GF01 was a 58, this one’s a 57. I ride the 60 in the GF01 and am 6’2″. George is taller than me. Go figure.

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

Same weight as the GF01: 16lbs even.

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

Judging by the seatpost height, this one was a loaner for a friend, but we could tell by the spec it’s seen a few more miles and a little customization.

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

It’s barely visible here, but Hincapie’s name is on the top tube in the red graphic just in front of the Swiss cross. Check the set back available on that post! The rubber grommet around the seatpost was showing some serious signs of dry rot.

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

USA! USA! This saddle and the chain keep, below, show a bit of patriotism for the 3x U.S. Road Racing Champion.

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

George Hincapie BMC Team Machine SLR01 race road bike

The front brakes’ dust collection should give you a good idea of the descents. This bike also had a Campagnolo group and brakes.


Ozbikebuddy - 10/31/12 - 6:02pm

Can I have the GF01 delivered to my place please?

call420 - 10/31/12 - 7:18pm

the sooner these guys fade into oblivion the better

Antsonline - 10/31/12 - 8:37pm

Its literally incredible that this guys ‘Gran Fondo’ would even get support – let alone coverage from a Cycling website. The sport is doomed if they still get support and airtime.

Mindless - 10/31/12 - 9:01pm


Hello? - 10/31/12 - 10:34pm

These bikes look killer. They just look “right.” I like how the fork’s lines run straight into the head tube. Shimano drivetrain looks killer, too.

I was/(am) a Hincapie fan. He doesn’t get his own Gran Fondo without doping.

Let the cycling media start covering those 50th place guys that are/were riding clean. Lets hear about their brass cojones and what real suffering is like….

john r - 11/01/12 - 12:12am

shame on you BR for posting this. GH deserves no credit for his entire career and you support it. BR is now part of the problem.

DBordewisch - 11/01/12 - 10:24am

call420,Antsonline,Hello? and john r you are all correct. Cycling has a chance to break away from “they all take drugs” . Make a stand Bike Rumor, do not be drawn in by a free chance to go on a ride/race or hang out with people who have lied and cheated. If the average person used drugs and lied, effectively stole prize money, at our job we would be fired and possibly jailed. Walk away Bike Rumor.

plum - 11/01/12 - 11:52am

The hero worship continues. John R. said it best. You’re part of the problem.

CS - 11/01/12 - 12:55pm

Bontrager Stem?

Tommy Nickels - 11/01/12 - 1:40pm

This is ridiculous. It doesn’t take seven Tour victories to be a cheater.
Stop giving this guy publicity. He needs to fade away.

cyclist - 11/01/12 - 1:54pm

I appreciate all that Hincapie has done for the sport. I know that I have been motivated to ride more because of him. Also I appreciate all that Lance has done for cancer research. I am sorry that they went about their careers incorrectly, but I am thankful for all they have done and I know that I like seeing the bikes they ride.

Tommy Nickels - 11/01/12 - 2:19pm

I understand where you are coming from, but if Lance is to lose everything for what he’s done I think it’s only fair that similar actions receive similar punishments. Why aren’t these teammates paying back their bonuses and victory winnings? Why is Hincapie’s placings from 1999-2004 still standing? Why is there no investigation into whether his doping practices continued on team Highroad?

Biz - 11/01/12 - 2:39pm

Looks like the guy on the loaner bike heat failed the bejesus out of the front wheel. Check out the close-up pic of the front wheel and look at the section of rim closest to the BMC logo on the DT.

cancer excuse - 11/01/12 - 4:10pm

Lance has done ZERO for cancer research. LiveStrong has done a good bit for PATIENT SUPPORT, but even then they are not a very efficient charity. Get your facts straight. There is NO research support.

And P.S., George’s cheating regiment – at least amongst the American cheats – was extensive and long-lived. Perhaps second only to Lance’s.

cyclist - 11/02/12 - 1:33am

@cancer excuse:
Your right and patient support doesn’t count.

ali - 11/07/12 - 1:58pm

this is such an ugly bike, i hate the way it looks, i cannot believe some would like this chinese crap.

Geoff - 11/18/12 - 1:52am

Doping is doping it does not make it acceptable because everyone was doing it .Why didn’t Hincapie and other cyclists blow the whistle six years ago ie cyclists take the money then blow the whistle
Life ban and airbrush from the record books for you brother

honest person - 11/28/12 - 8:37am

George Hincapie is a cheater. He profited greatly by cheating. He needs to give back everything he “stole” and then ask for punishment. By the way, Greenville, SC is standing by their man.

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