2012 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show Roundup: Strawberry Cycles, Thursday, and Littleford

Stawberry Cycles Complete Bike

This lovely road racer was on hand from Strawberry.  This build hits all the right buttons for me with a Campagnolo Record 11 drive train, Enve cockpit and fork, and Rolf Prima wheels.

More images of this bike, plus a nice rack and a BMX bike await you on the other side.

Strawberry Cycles Seat Binder Lug

Strawberry Cycles Cable Stop

Strawberry Cycles Headtube

That headtube looks edible!

Littleford Integrated Custom Rear Rack and Box

Littleford Bicycles is know for producing some pretty nice touring bikes.  This S and S coupled frame includes a very nice integrated rear rack with a custom wood truck box.  Classy.

Thursday BMX - Dirt Jumper

Thursday Bicycles had some different bikes on display at the show, including this BMX / dirt jumper.


diehipsterdie - 10/28/12 - 6:16pm

oh portland…….

Portland - 10/28/12 - 6:28pm


Marc - 10/28/12 - 10:00pm

That Strawberry’s cable stop and seat cluster are lovely.

Psi Squared - 10/28/12 - 10:05pm

I like everything about the Strawberry except for the monostay and the giant button head bolt running through it.

granjak - 10/29/12 - 5:38am

Aaaaaaaaaah Portland…

BT - 10/29/12 - 8:25am

Hanebrink is still around? I had a friend with one of their dh forks and one day the fork exploded on him and the spring shot out of the top and hit him hard in the face.

bubba - 10/29/12 - 3:33pm

carbon fork on a fine steel bike…ick

coloradocyclist rider - 10/29/12 - 4:36pm

Love that BMX bike!!! Want that bad. Fork isn’t suspension is it? Still looks great and love their web page….check it out. Started taking my 10yo to bmx and the largest class there is the 45+ as all the Dads hate to sit on the sideline watching…

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