Picnic Basket Panniers

There’s a lot of weird unusual cycling products that appear that either put a smile on our faces or leave us scratching our heads. We’re not sure where this folding picnic in pannier fits on that spectrum, but it has some charm. Especially for that romantic cyclist who doesn’t own a car but still needs to impress a date. This contraption easily fits plates, cups, and cutlery and all the organic locally grown farmers market produce you can tote.

Hop past the break to watch it transform from basket to picnic table.

Left the bike at home? The whole package compacts into a basket so you can tote it without your big wheels. You probably won’t be seeing product go into production any time soon, but winter is coming, so you have plenty of time to build one before spring.

Via BloonDesign


Kyle - 10/25/12 - 4:21pm

Boo no pricing or sales on their site.

Mindless - 10/25/12 - 4:50pm


Jason - 10/25/12 - 4:50pm

Looks like your heels will strike the panniers and your knees will be uncomfortably close together while seated. Otherwise awesome idea!

Andrew F - 10/25/12 - 9:35pm

Okay, that’s cool!

Chipollini - 10/26/12 - 4:18am

If heel clearance isn’t an issue, and it’s under 200 – I’ll take one yesterday.

Erin S. - 10/30/12 - 8:22pm

So where and how do we get one? How much are they?

Elaine - 11/06/12 - 8:35am

I need these – perfect for boating too when we beach on an island. Tailgating…..

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