J-Pow Riding Prototype Disc Brake Focus Cyclocross Bike

CyclingDirt captured Jeremy Powers’ switch to disc brakes at a Boulder, CO, cyclocross race in early October. His ride was a prototype carbon fiber version of Focus Bikes’ Mares CX with disc brakes. Focus already offers an alloy version with discs, but their 2013 range was absent any official carbon models with disc brakes.

JPow’s bike’s sporting Easton’s new disc cyclocross wheels (link updated), but Focus’ own fork. The SRAM Red group was mated to Avid’s new BB7 SL mechanical brake calipers for now. Saving you the trouble of pausing and peering, we’ve placed some screen grab images of the bike after the break…

Jeremy Powers prototype focus mares cx cyclocross bike with disc brakes

Jeremy Powers prototype focus mares cx cyclocross bike with disc brakes

Jeremy Powers prototype focus mares cx cyclocross bike with disc brakes


Brandon - 10/25/12 - 6:20pm

The article linking to the Easton carbon CX wheels doesn’t have the wheels Jeremy was riding.

CB - 10/25/12 - 7:10pm

That was Fort Collins USGP, not Boulder. Boulder Cup is this coming weekend.

The only disc ready CX wheels Easton shows are these: http://www.eastoncycling.com/en-us/road/wheels/performance/ea90-xd-25mm-clincher

CB - 10/25/12 - 7:11pm

Also, here’s a better look at the bike: http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/article/pro-bike-jeremy-powers-prototype-focus-mares-disc-35608/

spokejunky - 10/25/12 - 7:17pm

Is it me or do those hubs look huge-mongous?

Robert - 10/25/12 - 7:24pm

The mechanics took 6-bolt hubs off of the Easton Haven wheelset (Straight pull, 18/20) and laced them to Easton EC tubulars

DC - 10/25/12 - 8:45pm

J-Pow is awesome, he don’t even need brakes

junkshow - 10/25/12 - 8:52pm

I saw somewhere that these wheels were built by Easton specifically for Powers.
Havens have gold hubs and those look like disc specific rims. Also there seem to be more spokes than the normal race wheels.

kcr - 10/25/12 - 10:53pm

They look like the hubs from EC90xc/EA90xc wheels to me.

yesplease - 10/25/12 - 11:06pm

This post is ugly, wrong race, wrong link… fail fail fail.

Ok lets clear this up:
He actually raced that bike in Tabor at a real World Cup event taking 7th. Thats a much bigger deal than racing in a US based race where disc’s are all over already.

Easton made those wheels custom for Powers. Ali Goulet (Easton rep and 35+ USGP champ from a few years ago) has some TKO tubulars custom laced to red hubs from the EA/EC90 MTB wheels. They are crazy sexy looking.

I think this and the other comments should set the record straight. You should hand out more swag since we are doing your job for you.

Raouligan - 10/26/12 - 1:50am


It’s alright don’t panic Velonews had this oh er only two months ago now…

mkrahnic - 10/26/12 - 4:06am

Sounds like yesplease has ALLLL the answers (after stalking JP and company) and probably participates in triathlons too. Simply amazing. Maybe they’ll just hire you instead of passing swag your way.
Thanks, Tyler, for even taking time to put this article up…and thank you, yesplease, for editing.


yesplease - 10/26/12 - 3:40pm

I just really like cyclocross and bikes.

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