Torch Expands w/ Flux – Massive Fiber Optic Paneled Backpack

Torch Flux fiber optic LED cycling messenger backpack with large light panel

Torch showed off their bicycle helmet with integrated lights just before Interbike with promises that they’ll be back. Like the Terminator, the dark red glowing lights have returned, except this time in backpack form and enhanced with fiber optics!

The Flux is constructed of 1000 denier Cordura Plus nylon with tarpaulin liner to make it waterproof and tough. What sets it apart is the massive, flexible fiber optic panel on the back. A USB rechargeable LED light pack slots inside and connects to a light tube that illuminates the entire lower portion of the pack. The button cell batteries will run for 2-5 hours on a full charge depending on if they’re running blinking or steady. The light/battery pack is completely removable for easy charging and can be mounted to your seatpost as a normal tail light for use without the pack.

Another pic and video after the break…

Torch Flux fiber optic LED cycling messenger backpack with large light panel

The fiber optic panel is just 1mm thick and waterproof. A small button on the shoulder strap lets you toggle between steady and blinking modes.

It’s available for pre-order now for $120. When regular retail kicks in, it’ll jump to $180.


mark ifi - 10/24/12 - 8:07pm

that’s crazy expensive for a bag, but it’s cool.

Ryan - 10/24/12 - 8:10pm

A step in the right direction for commuters and the drivers we want to see us. If they can see a red stoplight, they should be able to see this. shouldnt be long until someone, maybe torch, puts this into clothing for that all-over glowing man look. good for cycling, and specifically for commuting, i say.

R - 10/24/12 - 10:36pm

So safe, you don’t even need to wear a helmet.

Alan Stevens - 10/25/12 - 12:07am

Seriously, you think that they could have had helmets (maybe even Torch’s fancy light-integrated helmet). Or maybe he was wearing the bald-integrated helmet…very subtle and stealthy.

WG - 10/25/12 - 6:56am

Cool stuff. If only the bag itself wasn’t so hideous though…

PeterR - 10/25/12 - 9:35am

Its a commuter backpack… How Fancy do you want it to be?? It looks great to me.

RJ - 10/25/12 - 3:27pm

I dig it! I think it looks simple and attractive. Most of all, it solves my 2 beefs with my Ortlieb Velocity bag: buckles instead of velcro and a light that’s low. The Velocity recently got a light tab added.. but it’s way too high on the bag to be of any use. Unless you’re trying to signal planes.

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