Pure Fix Releases Micro Series Kid-Size Fixies, FFS Bikes & More

Pure Fix Micro Series Mini Fixie

If your kid’s not tall enough yet to be complaining and critiquing the vertical compliance and lateral stiffness of high end road bikes, there’s a fresh build from Pure Fix that aims to please. Pure Fix Micro is a 43cm frame that gets small wheels (650c) and a tiny geometry ideal for youngsters measuring 4’3″ to 4’7″. Pricing is $325 complete and four colorways are offered – grey/gold, white, black, and grey/blue.

More images and info after the break, along with the new fixed freestyle bike and closeups of the glow in the dark Kilo…

Pure Fix Micro Series Fixie BarsThe Micro series gets front and rear brakes and a flip flop hub on the rear for fixed or freewheel riding. The frame is a TIG welded 4130 cro-mo steel.

Pure Fix Micro Series Gold Rims Mini Fixie

Pure Fix Fixed Freestyle Bike Gray

The new fixed freestyle series is a bike beefed up for tricking and street riding. All frames are sized 40 cm, very small, and handling sits between a BMX bike and a full size track bike . It rolls on 26″ mountain bike wheels with 25×2.2 tires with a gear ratio of 33:16. Like the other bikes by Pure Fix, it gets a flip flop hub and 4130 cro-mo steel frameset. Pricing is in $599 in two colors – gray and black.

Pure Fix Glow in the Dark Fixie Kilo

We currently have this bike in for review, and covered it previously. The Kilo glows in the dark, which is very impressive in person, and the complete build has a relatively low price tag of $399. It looks to be a great party bike because it definitely turns some heads.

Pure Fix Kilo Glow In the Dark Fixie Rear

They’re selling the build with glow in the dark rims, too, if you’re feeling super flashy.


Quickie - 10/23/12 - 1:51pm

As if I needed another reason to hate children.

Charlie B. - 10/23/12 - 2:03pm

Great way to b*gger kids knees nice and early in their cycling lives. And how about the hand mangling potential of a fixed gear bike…?

brian - 10/23/12 - 2:16pm

charlie, looks like that bike has a freewheel and front/rear brakes to me. try and keep up.

dan - 10/23/12 - 2:31pm

Them are some nice hipster shoes he’s got there.

Speedy - 10/23/12 - 5:01pm

@ dan – you came to read about bikes, yet commented on his shoes? Why the hell does that matter?

Mindless - 10/23/12 - 7:04pm

Nice. Want one for my kids.

Mindless - 10/23/12 - 7:04pm

@Speedy – shoes always matter, you fool.

2Slo4U - 10/23/12 - 9:15pm

Hey….how do I get one of those BIKERUMOR T-shirts?

Will H - 10/23/12 - 10:06pm

Any smaller and you could call them Femto-Fixies. . .

highfructosecorn - 10/24/12 - 12:24am

@brian it’s a flip flop hub and you know some idiot parent won’t know the difference.

brian - 10/24/12 - 10:07am

@highfructose thanks for pointing out the obvious. this is not a department store bike. any parent buying it will be well aware of the flip-flop and how it works.

alex - 10/24/12 - 10:41am

Coming soon…recumbents for kids…full suss mountain bikes for kids…singlespeed cx bikes for kids…

Saris - 10/24/12 - 2:05pm

Guys, we should all be happy that there are companies producing nice kid specific stuff, that gets them amped on riding!

BTW, @Alex They already make full suspension mountain bikes for kids! Check it out:

There’s at least on little kid riding that bike that shreds harder than you..or me…

kyle - 10/24/12 - 3:59pm

damn those are some ugly shoes

dan - 10/24/12 - 4:12pm

I finally figured it out, he was Johnny Depd’s stunt double for Edward Scissor Hands and he just never gave the shoes back.

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