Found: Special Edition Specialized Carve Ned Overend SS Hardtail

If there’s something we’re all suckers for – it’s a custom paint job. The team over at Specialized has been hard at work putting together a few killer new special edition bikes this year and this Ned Overend rig is a pleasant addition.
The Carve is their balling budget 29r hardtail, but no expense has been spared on this complete. Only 150 of these beauties will be produced, so head past the break to decide if it’s for you…
Build Spec
  • Fully butted, smooth-welded M4SL alloy frame is superlight, stiff, and efficient, with 29er XC geometry, integrated headset, tapered head tube for front-end stiffness, plus bridge-less seatstays for compliance over bumps
  • RockShox Sid 29 Brain fork, Solo Air spring, Brian Fade and rebound adjust, provides premium XC suspension performance
  • Roval Control Carbon 29 wheelset is built for increased stiffness with durable alloy hubs, oversized 28mm end caps, and DT Swiss Super Comp spokes, gives riders more control to power over demanding terrain
  • S-Works Fast Trak 29 2.0″ 2Bliss ready front tire features dual-compound rubber delivering exceptional speed and traction, while minimizing rotating weight
  • Custom SRAM carbon, single speed specific XC crankset with 32t chainring and 19t alloy cog is built for strong, lightweight performance
  • Custom Avid XO World Cup hydraulic brakes with tool-less reach adjust plus alloy-backed, semi-metallic pads for sure-fire stopping and precise modulation
The frame utilizes a split shell eccentric bottom bracket for SS compatibility.


We’ve reached out to Specialized for information regarding weight and MSRP and will update you once we learn more.

Hat tip to Mike for the tip! More via Specialized


Jonboy - 10/19/12 - 8:42pm

$3,000 MSRP

Paul - 10/19/12 - 9:13pm

I’m hearing 3000$ MSRP with about 150 being made.

Ck - 10/19/12 - 9:22pm

Normally I don’t try to be one of the peanut gallery that seems to bash every product that gets posted on BR, but jesus christ is that frame ugly. Knowing that it’s going to cost a fortune being a Specialized and a limited edition doesn’t help.

cxracer - 10/19/12 - 9:54pm

Split shell? Way to “innovate”.

Wes - 10/19/12 - 9:55pm

I beg to differ, I think its gorgeous

Topmounter - 10/20/12 - 2:23am

That paint job certainly doesn’t make me think of Ned.

WG - 10/20/12 - 3:00am

3000 USD for a singlespeeder? Is this a joke or something?

And that split shell calls for a recall… most probably a silent one as they can get in touch with each customer personally.

Ed R - 10/20/12 - 3:24am

$3000.00 aint bad when you figure its got about $2,900.00 in wheels and fork on it.

Lev - 10/20/12 - 4:39am

I think it’s nice!

Jacob - 10/20/12 - 9:32am

Reminds me a bit of old Gary Fisher colour scheme. Expensive maybe but actually good value looking at the spec sheet. Not sure why this colour scheme was chosen for Ned. I always remember him on red and white.

Watchtower - 10/20/12 - 9:33am

The paint job looks to be aimed at teenagers, but for this 40 something give me a solid color with as few decals as possible.

jumpin G Hossiphat - 10/20/12 - 10:34am

this bike does not exist, I dare you to try and get one.

Al Boneta - 10/20/12 - 1:56pm

I’ll buy one just because of my admiration of Ned. He was one of the best parts of working at Specialized. I They have never really made any signature stuff for him other than tires and barends. The value isn’t really an issue as it will hang on my wall, but the parts are pretty kick ass. I figure mostly shops will buy these for decoration. The color really grew on me, it’s edgy. I am sick of red black and white everything.

Sancho - 10/20/12 - 2:31pm

aimed at teenagers in the 1980s maybe, which is kinda the point. specialized makes plenty of other bikes with boring paint schemes.

that said it is a travesty to see split shell bottom brackets in the year of our lord 2012

Alex - 10/20/12 - 3:05pm

What no belt drive?

professorVelo - 10/20/12 - 3:16pm

I didn’t know Ned was Belgian…

scissorhands - 10/20/12 - 4:46pm

Looks like a McDonalds bike

Tywin - 10/21/12 - 4:09am

Eccentric BB to avoid having to fiddle with the disc brakes when you pull the rear wheel off? Or is it just because vertical dropouts look tidy? I don’t get it either way. Give me sliding dropouts any day.

Ryan - 10/21/12 - 9:43am

Through a series of links for the UK concept store from specialized I’ve discovered a Roubaix Expert SL4 disc. It’s 3000 pounds or about 4800 USD. Can we get some more information on US model availability?

bob flemming - 10/21/12 - 2:34pm

I’d rather see a Bushnell on it, but a decent split-shell will do and is better than a radial bolt fixing. As soon as discs and SS-level chain forces are involved, gimme a good EBB over sliders every time.

I like it.. I guess I’m of ‘that’ age. Ned’s a legend.

Andrew - 10/21/12 - 3:22pm

Nike, Adidas,Gshock to name a few. Ladies and gentleman please welcome Specialized into this very elitist club of “limited edition” madness.

Eli - 10/21/12 - 5:59pm

If it were really Ned’s signature bike wouldn’t it come spec’d with a 140mm stem?

Seraph - 10/23/12 - 3:24pm

Holy hell that thing is ugly.

Aaron - 10/23/12 - 10:47pm

Built number 44/150 today. Medium with pedals but not tubeless’d is 10.01kgs

Nick V. - 10/24/12 - 9:56pm

I work with a bike shop in Miami I have 5 of this bicycles getting to my shop very soon 3 of them already sold. this bike its great only 150 made in the world. This bik are the colors old team stumpjumper it’s a keeper for me. Like they said wheels, fork and brakes reta for $3000.00

Owen M - 11/02/12 - 10:11am

Nick, which bike shop please?

Ian - 11/04/12 - 2:59pm

I am lucky enough to own one of these and it if fantastic!! I’ve had it 3 days and can’t fault the performance. Light, accurate and super quick. Also it climbs like no other ss. Ian

Nuno Jorge - 12/06/12 - 3:14pm

I wave 1… 064/150… I think it’s nice… and if you see, the price is ok…

Marcio Giatti - 02/26/14 - 1:55pm

Olha , eu tenho a 145/150 e a palavra é FANTASTICA . Ainda mais que troquei o pinhão de 19 por um de 15 …. Desenvolve uma velocidade que é locura….

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