Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Wednesday Night Airport Ride

bikerumor pic of the day wednesday night orlando airport bike ride

Photo submitted by Shay Soprenuk, “When the night comes a little earlier, the two 6pm Wed night rides from East and West Orlando meet at the Orlando International Airport. Four, 9-Mile loops of pain on a well-lit, relatively traffic-empty, out-n-back freeway. The road sits right in the middle of two highly active runways (especially around the early evening). The high winds, constant attacks, frequent and unavoidable guttering, and large and loud jetliners, make Wednesday the best night of the week!!! Only the strong survive. A staple in the UCF TriKnight training diet.”

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Ck - 10/17/12 - 8:42am

Ahh yes, many an evening spent lapping that road. The winds really are relentless most of the time.

Derrick - 10/26/12 - 8:58am

I have been there before. I have done that ride and it is amazing to hear and see the planes that close as you go under them. Great photo, even better in person.

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