Found: Answer’s Sleestak Winter Cycling Gloves

Answer Sleestak winter cycling gloves

Looking for something that will both keep your hands warm and help signal rescuers?

Look no further than Answer’s Sleestak cycling gloves, a split mitten named after make believe creatures from Land of the Lost. Why? Look at the pic after the break and you’ll understand. You’ll also understand the green color.

They’re good down to 20º F, and if the boys up in Wisconsin know anything, they should know how to get out and ride in the ridiculously cold winters. They’re insulated well up top with a wind proof outer layer and have leather palms with grippy logos. Long elastic cuffs should keep snow and other miserable things from creeping up your sleeves.

UPDATE: Insulation is PrimaLoft and retail is $40. Available on their website November 1.


cat 1 doper - 10/16/12 - 12:03pm

sleestacks used to scare the piss out of me as a kid.

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