Top trials rider Danny Macaskill meets top track cyclist Sir Chris Hoy for a spin

Danny Macaskill is an amazing trials rider and we’ve seen his skill translated to a variety of disciplines. He’s a rider that constantly pushes the realm of possible and proves the theory “it’s the rider, not the bike.” So how does he fare when paired in spandex alongside the most decorated Olympic Cyclist of all time? Well, he’s no Sir Chris Hoy on the track, but maybe if he shaved his legs….


Mark W. - 10/15/12 - 4:57pm

Nice to see that POC gave him a badass lidjust to ride around the Velodrome for the day.

highfructosecorn - 10/16/12 - 3:17am

you mean an “oompa loompa” lid (as Sir Hoy put it).

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