Dux Helm Creates First Bicycle Helmet w/ Retractable, Replaceable Lens

Dux Helm bicycle helmet with integrated retractable sunglasses lens

Dux Helm is a new company with what they claim is the world’s first bicycle helmet with an integrated retractable lens.

Even without the lens, the helmet starts off with basic (and expected) safety and performance features like an in-molded shell, Coolmax padding, large and plentiful vents and even a mesh bug guard at the front. Colors are white, silver, black, blue, green, red and yellow (shown). The lens is available in smoke, amber, clear and reflective blue or purple. Retail will be $179 and include one lens, additional lenses running $35 each.

UPDATE: Claimed weight is 285g for the CPSC version. A CE model for Europe will follow soon.

The company is based in Vancouver, BC, and will kick sales off in Canada and the US in November via their website until a proper dealer network is set up. See it in action in video and more pics after the break…

Dux Helm bicycle helmet with integrated retractable sunglasses lens

Dux Helm bicycle helmet with integrated retractable sunglasses lens


dan - 10/15/12 - 4:31am

now there is some real innovation. if they make a mountain version i will be interested

Jonathan Plant - 10/15/12 - 6:19am


I don’t think that this is a first. I’m going back to around 1986 and the first ever cycle helmet I bought, – a Kiwi. It looked more like a climber’s helmet with very little ventilation but it had a drop down, tinted visor on the front. Most useful in protecting the face in heavy rain and hail. I also used to drop the visor very slightly at night as a quick and slight dip of my head allowed the visor to cobat the glare from oncoming headights, especially so if on high beam.

As an early helmet it was all pretty crude, pretty heavey and pretty hot but in principle no different.


Jon Plant
Dundee, Scotland.

caskey - 10/15/12 - 6:29am

Cut my nose off please.

Christophercules - 10/15/12 - 6:50am

Looks bulky but I would love one for commuting.

Louis - 10/15/12 - 11:49am

Sorry, I also had a similar helmet in the 80s with a drop down visor lens on the front.

Joshua Murdock - 10/15/12 - 4:03pm

Finally! Well thought out innovation that results in something really cool that cyclists want. This is such a great idea and it looks well thought out. Light, good looking, very well priced. I’d love to use one of these.

Ajax - 10/16/12 - 1:44am

I think it looks awesome! I wonder though about the lens blocking the ventilation ports of the helmet which could suck in the summer. And the helmet does look kinda bulky. I would buy one if they made one less bulky.

Richard - 11/06/12 - 10:30am

Looks great. Photos make it look bulky but holding my high priced Giro up to it… looks about the same. I want to hold one in my hands first but likely take a blue one with a couple of lenses.

Si - 12/15/12 - 2:50pm

Wonder if lens allows prescription spectacles to be worn underneath?

Tdog - 01/10/13 - 3:31pm

I bought the #16th helmet they sold. The fit is good. Appearance is on par with any helmets out there (I bought the dark grey with the carbon weave graphic). Ventilation is good, not great. Only have a handful of rides with it. The visor mechaism is simple and good. Lenses are good but not high end optics (think expensive glasses like Oakley or Assos). The lens sit further from your face than sunglasses. As a result, in the cold of New England you get a bunch of wind in your eyes on descents which will make your eyes water. However, I expect that in the Summer the “breathing room” between the lens and your eyes will make you feel cooler. I always end up removing my sunnies on hot days when climbing to remain cooler and eliminate the trapped in feeling. I expect to be able to keep the visor down. one other benefit of the lenses being further from your face is sweat doesn’t get on them. When you first put the helmet on you have the sense that the lenses don’t provide enough lower coverage. Get into a riding position and the ride amount of coverage is provided – you tend to look out the middle to top of sunglasses but don’t realize it. For the price it is a solid helmet/glasses package. I will never forget my glasses for a ride or sit on them during the car ride home.

Riveting - 11/13/13 - 1:01pm

If it’s been 35 years since this concept was first introduced, by now I should be able to get a model that has BOTH a clear lens (for morning commuting in the dark) AND a tinted lens (for commuting home in the bright sun on the horizon, two different sliders. $150 would be a reasonable price.

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