Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic – With Prize!

bikerumor mystery pic from webbs of warmly

Photo from the collection of Webbs Custom Cycles of Warmley, England.

This week’s Mystery Pic has a prize! We have three pairs of tickets to giveaway for The Levi Event: The Untold Story of Levi Leipheimer on October 23rd. Answer by 7am EST tomorrow and all correct answers will be entered to win. Three names will then be selected by Winners will be notified by email, so you must enter a correct email address when answering. Showings are limited to the US. Answer only needs to include what the parts are for.

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Jon - 10/15/12 - 7:08am

Are they mounts for spare wheels? They were bolted onto the front axle and then a spare wheel would be bolted onto each one, meaning you could ride to a race with your training wheels on, and still take your race wheels with you…

Jon - 10/15/12 - 7:11am

I found a picture of what I think they are…

Kevin - 10/15/12 - 7:24am

The are mounts for training wheels.

Raoul Morley - 10/15/12 - 7:51am

Yes they’re wheel carriers from back in the day, easy enough to fabricate although they make steering quite special…

JK - 10/15/12 - 7:55am

Cone spanners?

Peter - 10/15/12 - 7:59am

They are used for carrying spare wheels to races. Back when people used to ride to a race these would be attached to the front skewer then you would rest your race wheels in them and secure the wheels to the bars with a toestrap.

Peter - 10/15/12 - 8:19am

They are to pry open the bar clamp on an old quill style stem to slide your handlebar through the clamp before tightening it down.

Micah - 10/15/12 - 9:24am

They are training wheel brackets for the lil’ ones to learn to ride.. mount up an extra pair of small wheels in the back and OFF they GOOOOO….

Billy - 10/15/12 - 11:13am

Collar stays.

Todd - 10/15/12 - 11:52am

Clearly, those are ball mark repair tools. Is this golfrumor?

Steve - 10/15/12 - 12:10pm

They are dropout tools for a mechanic to pre-set the quick release to the proper setting so that wheel changes would be very quick. One end is set for the fork and the other end for the frame.

Tai - 10/15/12 - 1:45pm

They are spare wheel carriers that mount to the front wheel, so that you can carry spare wheels with you to races.

Wilfman - 10/15/12 - 3:27pm

Sprints! Been wanting some of these for ages!

Champs - 10/15/12 - 4:24pm

That’s the strangest looking Campagnolo seatpost I’ve ever seen.

Dale - 10/15/12 - 5:24pm

Its the brackets for training wheels?

Russ - 10/15/12 - 10:55pm

spare/race wheel carriers

Hansolo - 10/16/12 - 1:25am

Spoke wrenches?

Kristibee - 10/16/12 - 8:34am

Answer from Jon at Webbs of Wormley: “These little beauties are from the racing old school. They’re for attaching your race wheels to your front drop-outs while you ride to the race, so you don’t have to risk puncturing your expensive race tubs.. Made obsolete by folks not being so tough these days, and opting to drive to races.”

Winners of two free tickets to the Levi Leipheimer movie are (and will be contacted today via email):
Russ, Tai, and Jon

Joey - 10/17/12 - 6:29pm

Where can you find these?

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