Found: Ciamillo’s New Customizable Sub-450 Gram Crankset!

ciamillo cranks with carbon fiber crankarms and spider from maker of Zero Gravity brakes

Known for their nearly full carbon fiber Zero Gravity brakes, Ciamillo is apparently very close to introducing a gorgeous carbon crankset, too.

Spotted in the Weight Weenie forums, word is it’s a BB30 crankset with a bit extra space to work with non-BB30 frames using adapters. That puts Q-factor at 149, but upon request the spindle can be shortened to fit BB30 frames only and give it a narrower Q.

Claimed weight is 448g for now, but they’re calling that “robust” and will be tinkering with the design and layup for six more weeks to bring it down. A couple of unique features further set it apart: The spider can be swapped between regular 130BCD and compact, and crank arms can be fully custom made to any length you want.

ciamillo cranks with carbon fiber crankarms and spider from maker of Zero Gravity brakes

By inserting a pre-fab hollow carbon shell into the mold, they’re able to make a compression molded hollow core arm. The arms are wide and narrow for better aerodynamics.

And, for the truly nitpicky, you can even customize the spindle color…which will actually show a bit on the outside center. Look for pricing to be around $1,100 when they launch. More as we get it!

Thanks to Gregory for the tip!


The Guy - 10/10/12 - 11:33am

But will it allow me to breach water?

Steve - 10/10/12 - 1:55pm

I hope it works better than their brakes.

plum - 10/10/12 - 2:56pm

Unless you work with the material, can everyone please stop wielding the word “layup”.

Gillis - 10/10/12 - 3:56pm

Not my flavor, but they look cool.

plum, instead of just ranting about a word that is commonly understood, why don’t you offer up a correction then?

pmurf - 10/10/12 - 5:00pm

not a slam-dunk in the looks department. more of a layup, in my opinion.

Mike - 10/10/12 - 6:28pm

pmurf-well done.

Sevo - 10/10/12 - 6:37pm

Thing it’s odd they use 3k weave. it’s heavy and offers no real value other than cheap to buy and some people like the look.

Abe - 10/10/12 - 7:22pm

Wonder if this really exists?

Palmermtb - 10/10/12 - 10:03pm

@Sevo- Is a sub 450 gram crankset heavy to you?

Pete - 10/11/12 - 3:11am

Bet it’s stiffer than the older CAT Carbon cranks, and about the same complete weight (cranks & BB).

Pete - 10/11/12 - 3:16am

@Sevo – break out the rattlecan black, your problem solved and it’ll still be light

Psi Squared - 10/11/12 - 9:45am

@Sevo: 3k provides better impact resistance than unidirectional matte. 3k is often used in the top layer just for that reason. There’s no way to tell what the layup is on these cranks, but it’s highly likely that unidirectional matt is used underneath.

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