Interbike 2012: Raleigh’s classy Tripper commuter

With its unpainted (but clear coated) frame, internally geared hub, and integrated bar/stem, Raleigh’s classy Tripper commuter clearly takes inspiration from NAHBS machines- but at a far more accessible $900 (complete).  Check out the cool details after the break!

The integrated bar/stem blends nicely with the integrated headset.

That's an Alfine Nexus 3sp hub with a hydraulic cable disc brake on the far side. Note the rack & fender mounts. Should you break a spoke on the way to the pub, chainstay-mounted spares have you covered.


Full-bike photos at trade shows are notoriously difficult. Here's a studio shot for y'all.


Daniek M. Klemmensen - 10/09/12 - 8:53am

if thats a hydraulic discbrake you can call me Bill… Nice bike though 😀

Kovas - 10/09/12 - 9:44am

Saw this bike at a shop last week. The bar/stem/headset combo looks cool, but if it doesn’t fit you, it’s 3 pieces you have to replace… Not sure how practical that is.

On the other hand, the nested spare spokes double as chain-slap protection if you decide to run the bike with a rear derailleur – cool.

Superstantial - 10/09/12 - 10:10am

I like the idea of this, the furley and roper (which share the frame) too, but this color combo is very ugly. That’s too bad.

Vectorbug - 10/09/12 - 10:36am

F’ing rad

Sally - 10/09/12 - 12:50pm

yeah…it’s a shimano mechanical disc brake…and a Nexus 3 speed hub.

Bart - 10/09/12 - 11:46pm

wtf, you have all year to prep a bike for one of the biggest shows in industry and you cant even paint over the welds?

dave - 10/10/12 - 7:28pm

Hipsters eat up the raw look Bart.

Daniel M. Klemmensen - 10/12/12 - 9:34am

Not a hipster but love the fact you can see the brace work… The welder have to do a proper job because it’s visible…

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