Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic from first flight bikes

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

To send in your own Mystery Pic to be considered for the Monday feature, click here and attach your photo with all pertinent information.


Jon - 10/08/12 - 7:19am

That’s a Cane Creek Direct Curve brake

Wally - 10/08/12 - 7:20am

Cane Creek Direct Cure V-Brakes. The selling point was that there was no noodle needed for theses brakes.

Kevin - 10/08/12 - 7:20am

Direct Curve brake from the fine folks down the street in Fletcher, NC, Cane Creek!

animallover - 10/08/12 - 7:22am

Canes creeks…stopping power of a wet lizard but looked nice….throw a brake booster on there and use some xtr levers and you might get some modulation! Great looking though

Will - 10/08/12 - 8:32am

Direct Curve 5

Tobias/Frost - 10/08/12 - 8:47am

Onza Pork Rib

TJ - 10/08/12 - 9:07am

Direct curve!!

Your Face - 10/08/12 - 9:16am

Campy seatpost.

evan t - 10/08/12 - 10:42am

Cane Creek Direct Curve 5 Vee’s. Yes… I knew that before I saw the above comments 😉 Someone needs to get on the mystery pic Cinneli Spinnaci style.

Campy Seatpost - 10/08/12 - 1:18pm

Definitely Cane Creek direct curve. Rode a bike with ’em several weeks ago, stopping seemed fine on pavement.

greg - 10/08/12 - 7:48pm

is it still a mystery if it is in the company’s current lineup and website?

aj - 10/08/12 - 7:53pm


EMBER - 10/09/12 - 1:57pm

Crane Creek Direct curve. I think it’s from about 2000-2002 maybe.

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