Floyd Landis Banned From Calling UCI Reps “Fools, Clowns or Full of $h1t”

Swiss courts have handed the UCI a victory on paper by banning Floyd Landis from calling them names.

Specifically, the ruling “forbids Floyd Landis to state that the Union Cycliste Internationale, Patrick (Pat) McQuaid and/or Henricus (Hein) Verbruggen have concealed cases of doping, received money for doing so, have accepted money from Lance Armstrong to conceal a doping case, have protected certain racing cyclists, concealed cases of doping, have engaged in manipulation, particularly of tests and races, have hesitated and delayed publishing the results of a positive test on Alberto Contador, have accepted bribes, are corrupt, are terrorists, have no regard for the rules, load the dice, are fools, do not have a genuine desire to restore discipline to cycling, are full of shit, are clowns, their words are worthless, are liars, are no different to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, or to make any similar other allegations of that kind.”

As if to add insult to injury, he’s also ordered to pay for ads in several major worldly newspapers and cycling media websites/magazines (not Bikerumor, though. Sheez!) and pay 10,000 Swiss Francs each to McQuaid and Verbruggen. Download the full court ruling as a PDF here.

Perhaps they’ve never heard the ol’ sticks ‘n’ stones taunt. Wonder what they think of Tyler Hamilton’s new book?


Topmounter - 10/04/12 - 10:59am

What jurisdiction does the UCI have to fine Floyd Landis nowadays?

Steve M - 10/04/12 - 11:08am

What a joke- Floyd keep what’s left of your money.

Chris - 10/04/12 - 11:15am

Topmounter, this isn’t the UCI. This is an award of damages from a Swiss court . The UCI sued Landis for defamation.

Thankfully, it’s more than likely completely and utterly unenforceable in the US. We passed what was called a “libel tourism” law (the SPEECH Act) that essentially renders unenforceable in the US defamation awards from foreign countries that lack protection for free speech. And considering the current world political climate, few, if any, countries have the level of protection for free speech we have. In order to legally force Landis to satisfy the judgment, the UCI would have to sue him again in the US and prove that a US court would have found Landis liable under US defamation laws. If they could have proven that in the first place, they would have sued him here.

Chris - 10/04/12 - 11:19am

And what completely cracks me up (and makes me wonder if the Swiss court did this on purpose) is the fact that the set forth the laundry list of defamatory things that Landis is alleged to have said and is prohibited from repeating.

Caliente - 10/04/12 - 11:39am

Luckily they left out “a**hat” and “douchenozzle.” While I feel for Floyd, I wouldn’t say that he always made the best decisions…
The UCI is a crock. Do you really think Pat McQuaid is going to put his son out of a job (by letting one of his high profile athletes return a positive test)?


Jonny - 10/04/12 - 11:53am

lol at this whole situation, down with the UCI.

JB - 10/04/12 - 12:26pm

If I were more tech-savvy, I would start a Twitter feed for “Things Floyd can still call Fat Pat”, and let the cycling world reply with various derisions not included in this Swiss judgement.

Pen1s HertZ - 10/04/12 - 12:49pm

I will be glad to continue calling Lance and UCi a piece of crap.
Don’t be feeling too safe here in the US, I keep reading rumors of intention or act that our beloved B Hussein Obama has made the world court the final authority.

Topmounter - 10/04/12 - 12:54pm

I’m just glad to see that everything is back to normal.

MaLóL - 10/04/12 - 1:13pm

Landis is no better than McQuaid, and UCI is just as clown as any other organization/company which main focus is business/show business/money above the rest. Landis, Hamilton, McQuaid, Armstrong, they should live all together in an apartment in Zurich or Geneve…

I would give lance seven tours to Doctor Michelle Ferrari, Nike, Trek, Giro, Oakley, no doubt about it… They really won them or paid for them. It’s theirs!!!

kmm - 10/04/12 - 1:20pm

I thought this was a joke, that you had composed that paragraph, adding the bit about Gaddafi, e.g.,
I just read the actual ruling, and I was so surprised to see that this is the exact wording in the court order! Hilarious.

Ajax - 10/04/12 - 5:15pm

The UCI, especially Pat McQuaid, are so full of sh!t it ain’t even funny. Seriously, they use the exact same tactics and propaganda as Lance Armstrong. Just sue everybody to suppress the truth.

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