Interbike 2012: New lightweight helmets from Uvex

You can’t rush safety.  Or at least you shouldn’t, really.  In either case, Uvex are now shipping two impressively lightweight helmets: the Race 5 and Ultrasonic.  Though these helmets have both been around in pre-production form for some time, it’s only now that they’re becoming available.  And it looks like the wait was worth it.  Go past the break for a pair of sub-240g helmets- which start at $140.

The Race 5 is Uvex's new range-topper. The $23-vent, 225g helmet comes in two sizes, features antimicrobial padding, and retails just South of $240.

Perhaps even more impressive is the long-awaited Ultrasonic. At 235g, it has to be one of the lightest helmets under $140. The tiny visor is a not toward XC use.


Rob - 10/03/12 - 8:31am

Is it just me or does that Race 5 have a distinctive Specialized-ish look to it, not that that’s a bad thing.

Juanito - 10/03/12 - 9:13am

Been a fan of Uvex buckets for a while now. Fits my big mellon, don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and they’re made in Germany so you know they have the environmental protocols down.

Aaron - 10/07/12 - 2:40pm

I really wish Giro would bring back the ProLight. I got one on clearance about a year ago and I love it. No Roc-Lock b.s. to mess with, just put it on and ride, and it’s so light, you can’t feel it.

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