Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Wedding Ride

bikerumor pic of the day velosoul cyclery owner gets married in denver's city park

Photo submitted by Velosoul Cyclery owner Zach Hepner who married Amanda on September 29, 2012!  “There was a fun bicycle parade from the ceremony in City Park of Denver to the Mercury Cafe for some tunes played by Whiskey Tango!” Pic of the bride and groom after the break.

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lolwut - 10/03/12 - 9:42am

No helmets….dummies

Scott - 10/03/12 - 11:58am

@lolwut It’s too bad you weren’t at the wedding to be a stick in the mud. I bet you really could have brought the mood down on several occasions.

Kovas - 10/03/12 - 1:48pm

Velosoul is a great little neighborhood shop. True cyclophiles.

lulwut - 10/03/12 - 2:06pm

Just saying….bike shop owners should set the example, should they not? I’m sure he would be sad if his bride fell off and smacked her head and died right there….now that would bring the mood down a few notches.

lioness - 10/04/12 - 5:14pm

I have lived a lot of years and never heard of ANYONE doing that…road a bike for over 40 years without a helmet…nope, no fatalities.

Zach and Amanda are just straight up good folk….good people all the way around. They would do anything to help anyone. They have a very unique and romantic story full of Divine appointments and lolwut would be a better person to know them. Criticize them all you need to feel better but at the very least, congratulate them like a man.

Scott - 10/04/12 - 6:09pm

@lolwut Hey man, everytime anyone toasts or congratulates or shows even slight signs of levity, you should talk about the crisis in Syria, starving children in Africa, or whatever it takes. You’re right. It’s out there. Anything is possible. So we should all stop enjoying anything. Especially not the day two people proclaim their love for one another in front of family and friends.

DB4L - 10/05/12 - 10:25pm

Congrats to the lovely couple! Also, reminds me to check out the new Mumford and Sons LP.

I81B4U - 10/08/12 - 9:17am

When you get married, you don’t have to wear protection if you don’t want to.

Caroline Chadima - 10/08/12 - 3:38pm

Hi all bike enthusiasts,

I was one of the photogs and took this shot …. I don’t know about the helmet thing, but may I just say that these are wonderful people and it was a truly creative wedding and a ton of fun to do! Blessings to you Zach and Amanda!

ZachsBride - 10/22/12 - 2:01am

Thanks for the concern @lolwut.
And thank you Caroline & lioness for your help that day!
It was magical!

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