Interbike 2012: Jagwire’s sweet silver cable housing- Bling it On!

Edit:  Title updated- hat tip to Topmounter!

Edit:  Please don’t e-mail Jagwire directly- they’re already being buried.  Just post below and they’ll have a sense for demand.

Found on Focus’ Raven 29r, this has to be the coolest cable housing at Interbike.  Even though the housing looks like plain aluminum, it’s flexy like standard shift housing.  Here’s what manufacturer Jagwire has to say:

there are currently no plans to bring this to the market.  I have seen this color in the past and in our stock room, so it does exist.  It was essentially normal housing with a chrome like finish and it was awesome.  Maybe if we can prove there is enough demand, they will bring the color back or make it available to the public…

So what do you say?  Should they make it available aftermarket?


Steve - 10/02/12 - 6:11pm

Oh hell yeah!

APSBiker - 10/02/12 - 6:14pm

Email sent via their contact page!

vectorbug - 10/02/12 - 6:15pm

It would be a nice compliment to a matte black frame, instead of red or white or maybe on a touring bike where chrome is still thriving tastefully.

Will @ Jagwire - 10/02/12 - 6:20pm

Hello Jagwire fans, please do not send me an email, just post it here and I will check out the results. Thank You!

Topmounter - 10/02/12 - 6:20pm

I can see the full-page ad in MBA now… “BLING IT ON BABY!!!”

Ajax - 10/02/12 - 6:22pm

I agree. That bling looks sweet! I can’t believe that Jagwire doesn’t want to do a production run of these when there are some truly hideous colors out there that they are already doing.

Superstantial - 10/02/12 - 6:24pm

Yes, it is awesome.
Will @ Jagwire is a hero if it comes to the aftermarket!

berlow94 - 10/02/12 - 6:26pm

Definetly +1 for the silver housing!!!!!

Nigel - 10/02/12 - 6:28pm

Looks great. Bring it on!

Paul In Vanvouver - 10/02/12 - 6:31pm

We wants it my precious

Pat - 10/02/12 - 6:36pm

Yes Please!

purpleti - 10/02/12 - 6:37pm

Yep, I’ll take a set along with a matching hydro line kit, please!

Pablo Tan Santa - 10/02/12 - 6:38pm

need these.

bc - 10/02/12 - 6:41pm

Will it shift as poorly as all over Jagwire products? Then color me unexcited.

jdog - 10/02/12 - 6:42pm

There is certainly a market for this.

dullknives - 10/02/12 - 6:46pm


aosty - 10/02/12 - 6:50pm

That is hot hot hot!! ….ship’em!! - 10/02/12 - 6:52pm


Fdub - 10/02/12 - 6:53pm

yes. do it.

pigeon mcgoo - 10/02/12 - 6:59pm

Want. Especially if there was a gold option.

Saris - 10/02/12 - 7:00pm


Nice find Marc!

pimpbot - 10/02/12 - 7:04pm

Oh, I’m totally down for at least three sets.

Yes, please!

-tha pimpster

Bryan - 10/02/12 - 7:15pm

@ Will: Yes please!!!

PMR - 10/02/12 - 7:17pm

Oh god yes.

TRUELIGHT - 10/02/12 - 7:17pm

Yes I would like that on my Bike!

braaaaaaap - 10/02/12 - 7:20pm

mis Niner gustaría este.

braaaaaaap - 10/02/12 - 7:21pm


Luke - 10/02/12 - 7:28pm

I’ve seen this colour before, on their Bender BMX brake kit, very cool! Would love to see this in Ripcord and HyFlow.

Steve - 10/02/12 - 7:29pm

That would look awesome on retro builds or with new Campy aluminum components. I’d use it.

Dan - 10/02/12 - 7:29pm


Sam - 10/02/12 - 7:42pm

Yep I’d buy it

Jonny - 10/02/12 - 7:45pm

I’d buy it!

Jon Vick - 10/02/12 - 7:46pm

Dig it. Make it happen.

pdxley - 10/02/12 - 7:47pm

Totally awesome. I’d love to get some in their Ripcord style housing.

Mud Cycles - 10/02/12 - 7:49pm

Hell yeah I’d totally stock that in my shop! 😀

Steven - 10/02/12 - 7:52pm

Oooo, shiny!

Brad - 10/02/12 - 7:53pm

I’ll take some.

Chad - 10/02/12 - 8:04pm

I’d definitely like to see this too! Looks awesome!

Dwayne - 10/02/12 - 8:08pm

Yes. Yes. Yes.

DerHoggz - 10/02/12 - 8:09pm

My Focus came from the shop with silver Jagwire housing. Is this something different?

Drew - 10/02/12 - 8:19pm

I second the gold option!

Nathan - 10/02/12 - 8:22pm

I need it to match my chrome bartape and chrome stem.

Rockyrider - 10/02/12 - 8:28pm

What, no Kashima coating colour match? If Race Face can do it…. :-)

Scott - 10/02/12 - 8:33pm

Yes please

Chase - 10/02/12 - 8:34pm

YESSSSS!!!!! i want!!!!!

ukexpat - 10/02/12 - 8:39pm

Sign me up.

bikeuphill9 - 10/02/12 - 8:39pm

Please bring the chrome out. What a great way to bling out a black frame.

trvs - 10/02/12 - 8:41pm

+1, would look pimp on my TI 29er.

Jbird - 10/02/12 - 8:47pm


dave - 10/02/12 - 8:53pm


e parsons - 10/02/12 - 9:09pm

Voting yes!

evan t - 10/02/12 - 9:13pm

I’d really like some, especially for Campy equipped stuff. I think it would compliment the high polish finish of alloy on lots of campy groupsets as well class up the joint around my other bikes as well. I say this having used Jagwire products in the past and recommending them to my customers. With the end of Gore, I feel that the Racer cable and housing set might be the best on the market for road bikes.

More color options is always nice. This stuff would also look great on a bike that was completely matte black as the we saw as a major trend in paint jobs for both road and mountain bikes in 2012.

JimW - 10/02/12 - 9:27pm

That is great! I would buy it in the 25ft roll.
I’m currently using the 5mm Ripcord compressionless on a CX Disc build routed three down(all continuously) and the 25ft roll worked out nicely for shift and brake with plenty to spare. For that much housing both shift and brake performance is outstanding. Against much advice I went with a 140 in the rear and can easily lock up the wheel with one finger on the lever. I expected good results but was surprised even after years of using Flak Jacket kits.
This silver housing would match polished rims perfectly.
Do a limited edition run please.

drbmtb - 10/02/12 - 9:35pm

Seriously, I am all over that stuff. That would be badass on my matte black Roubaix. Make it happen Jag.

greg - 10/02/12 - 9:52pm

jagwire used to have this already. i still have a set for shifters and a set for brakes in the shop right now. i put some on a black/silver caad9 a couple years ago with chrome bar tape- it was sweeet.
you’d be surprised, though, how few bikes it would be “perfect” for.
then jagwire discontinued it…

DerHoggz - 10/02/12 - 10:22pm

Here is my bike with it.

greshkov - 10/02/12 - 10:26pm

i really, really hope this colour becomes available.

Brandon - 10/02/12 - 10:27pm

Yeah, this has already been around. I’ve built a couple of bikes with it in the past.

Grand Bi - 10/02/12 - 11:37pm

Do it!

Jacque - 10/02/12 - 11:56pm

Sign me up, hell yeah! matte black carbon frame with this housing…perfect.

M.C. Slamer - 10/02/12 - 11:57pm

This is a must have… A MUST HAVE…

nick - 10/03/12 - 12:12am

I want that thing on my fixed gear! oh wait… i dont need it.

Ventruck - 10/03/12 - 12:15am

posting for the sake I want this. if it was out before, I was dumb to miss it in the first place.

mark f - 10/03/12 - 12:31am

give me a fat 25 foot roll, I’m sold

Dan - 10/03/12 - 12:31am

This would look sweet on my Ball-Burnish Finished 1996 GT LTS-1…

Fatt Marrar - 10/03/12 - 12:37am

Wants. Hydro & Shift housing will be bought for at least 2 of my bikes. Pleeease with a capital thankyooverymuch.

Mindless - 10/03/12 - 12:43am

My daughter likes it.

Cam - 10/03/12 - 12:56am

Jagwire can sit on this, while another manufacturer jumps on this opportunity to serve the masses!

Gexal Crankshaft - 10/03/12 - 1:00am

we wants the shiny stuff!

Mathew - 10/03/12 - 1:14am

Do it now!

Shaft - 10/03/12 - 1:16am

I WANT IT NOW! Would look great on my polished stainless bike

Tk - 10/03/12 - 1:38am

Hell ya as long as it’s not hella expensive

Morten Liebach - 10/03/12 - 2:20am

Combined with Deda Chrome handlebar tape it would look absolutely beautiful in a very blingy way. We wants it! :-)

Barburuksi - 10/03/12 - 2:46am

do it!

UVM Cycling - 10/03/12 - 2:49am


Singletrackroadie - 10/03/12 - 3:48am

Will look great on my MTB! Yes please

i need shiny cable - 10/03/12 - 4:11am

DOOOOO ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon - 10/03/12 - 4:21am

Oh hell yeah.

Kevin - 10/03/12 - 5:37am

I have this colour on my bike. The cable kit was crap! end caps did not fit over the outer and inner wire provided had snags right out of the box.

petros - 10/03/12 - 8:08am

I want it.

racefacejas - 10/03/12 - 8:18am

Get on with it.

Thinskin - 10/03/12 - 8:26am


BT - 10/03/12 - 8:34am

Looks awesome…i’d probably pick up some.

Chris - 10/03/12 - 8:38am

I would order it for shop stock NOW!

Doug - 10/03/12 - 8:47am

yes, bring it

Adam - 10/03/12 - 8:48am


bikeryder85 - 10/03/12 - 8:58am

Fantastic! I would buy this yesterday i want it so bad!

ChrisC - 10/03/12 - 8:59am

People saying that they already have this: no you do not. What you have is the “sterling silver” finish silver – or possibly the “ice gray” – Jagwire housing which is clear vinyl coat over silvered aramid fibers. This is CHROME vinyl finish (i.e. – mirror-like).

Icarus - 10/03/12 - 9:01am

The finish is not durable, noobs

Josh - 10/03/12 - 9:02am

i have three bikes that would look great with them. Please.

SEABASS - 10/03/12 - 9:14am

FYI the color has been around for a while!!!! So has gold braided housing!!!!

Matt - 10/03/12 - 9:58am


cc - 10/03/12 - 10:04am

Yes please

steve - 10/03/12 - 10:05am

no brainer

James - 10/03/12 - 10:10am

I need this.

Calvin - 10/03/12 - 10:11am

Yes please.

Guy - 10/03/12 - 10:26am

Silver yes.

Gold too.

But Ano red / blue would be the bomb diggity

Mr. Top - 10/03/12 - 12:07pm

Silver: classic, timeless, and not black like nearly every new high end road product.

Matt - 10/03/12 - 12:41pm

I like the idea of this and also the idea of a Kashima color.

CJones - 10/03/12 - 1:27pm

Please make these.

Seraph - 10/03/12 - 1:30pm

This needs to happen, with gold and bronze as other options. A faux Kashima (Jagshima) color would be awesome for matching as well.

Todd - 10/03/12 - 3:06pm


MattK - 10/03/12 - 3:27pm

Yes, but can you make it compressionless?

Jeff - 10/03/12 - 3:52pm

I can’t see the finish holding up with actual use. I like my cables like I like my women…

Craig - 10/03/12 - 7:47pm

Sign me up!

greg - 10/03/12 - 10:19pm

no, not “sterling silver” , not “ice gray” (xtr/da gray).
they DID in fact have a mirror-like smooth outer finish brake kit and shifter kit. there is a set of each in the shop right now. main reason its not on my bike right now is i run campy11, shifter body takes 4mm (4,1mm) shift housing w/o end caps. jag’s shift housing was 4.5mm.
so there ya go.

Eli - 10/03/12 - 10:49pm

I’ll take ten meters.

Nicole - 10/03/12 - 11:36pm

I just bought this housing (both shifter and brake) about a month ago at the bike shop I work at in MN. I love it and it looks awesome! It’s available on QBP so I know dealers can get it…

Rory McAdams - 10/04/12 - 12:07am

bling it on as stated. I saw that as well at the show and got goosies all over.

Tranquilizer - 10/04/12 - 1:43am

BBB already makes this type of “chrome” housing, both derailleur and brake versions. So no need to wait jagwire. (BBB BCB-52C / BCB-51G)

sam - 10/04/12 - 2:10am

sweet! would buy that for my bike too

DAVID - 10/04/12 - 8:51am


Rockfish - 10/04/12 - 9:25am

Yes, please!

Justin - 10/04/12 - 10:03am

Hope it comes in bulk.

Andy - 10/04/12 - 10:58am

Would put this on my ti bike. Would be pretty nice.

jonboy - 10/04/12 - 2:40pm


Kevin C - 10/04/12 - 9:45pm

Yes please!

Jordan - 10/05/12 - 1:58am


Aaron - 10/05/12 - 8:58am

I need it.

MPLSMusette - 10/05/12 - 9:34pm


Dave - 10/06/12 - 3:03pm

I would be all over this!

Maciek - 10/06/12 - 6:04pm

Bring it on! Looks cool.

grumbly oldguy - 10/06/12 - 6:19pm

YES. This would look good on my touring bike! Neat-o!

sasquatch - 10/06/12 - 10:28pm


OzarkTri - 10/07/12 - 12:38pm

If Jagwire doesn’t start production on this product, they’re either lazy or inept.

paul - 10/07/12 - 6:06pm

yes, so rad. bring it on!

rollin - 10/08/12 - 3:08am

yes i would be it a heart beat

Dave - 10/08/12 - 8:43am


bruuce - 10/08/12 - 10:55am

Yes! Gold too please!

Edward Linden - 10/08/12 - 9:32pm

What? More shiny things? Yes please!

Jason Grantz - 10/09/12 - 12:11am

Ok, some truth. This color-way of housing has been in the Jagwire OE catalog for a good amount of time. And it did find its way onto some bikes sold into the US over the past several years, which is where some of you may have seen it before. That, and some highly limited quantities made their way onto the market in the form of Hyper kits in the not to distant past.

Jagwire literally has 1000’s of color-ways it can produce, including this mirrored finish with skull-n-bones printed on them. I’ve seen it – I still have a small sample from my days as Brand Manager for Jagwire. I advocated for the mirrored finish during my time, but other priorities prevented us from bringing it to market in the form of an AM kit.

Like the current (on the market) color-ways or not, the people at Jagwire have their hands full when it comes to deciding what colors to make into AM kits – you can’t do them all. But, maybe this outpouring of support for the mirrored finish will finally help it see the light of day in the form of a kit you can buy at your local bike shop.

And for the record, if you’re having problems with Jagwire housings – you’re probably not setting them up right. Or you’re using the wrong product for a particular application. Sure, I worked for the brand for 6+ years. But, it’s all I’ll ever use and I have to buy it these days since I’ve finally depleted my stockpile.

Finbar - 10/09/12 - 5:20am

Yes – release this for Campagnolo 11 speed.

If you make it I will buy it!!!!

Ozbikebuddy - 10/12/12 - 1:23am

Make it and they will come!

Shift and Brake please

J. F. - 10/19/12 - 10:10pm


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