Dash Cycles Strike 9 Road-Specific Split Saddle Released, Divides Pads & Opinions

Dash Cycles Strike 9 full carbon fiber road bike saddle with split padding design and one-piece construction

Dash Cycles showed us a prototype of their new Strike 9 saddle this summer when they unveiled a working arrangement to make (in the U.S.!) carbon rims for Mercury, and now it’s into production.

It’s road-bike specific, and the unique design supposedly gives you a full range of hip motion with zero perineal pressure. The shell and rails are made as one piece, so there’s no bonding or extra material. That gives them the ability to use extremely long 90mm rails and still come in at around 115g (claimed). Dual density padding covers the touch points.

Available in white/black and black/white as standard, other colors add about two weeks. Measures 250mm long x 135mm wide. Retail is…

Dash Cycles Strike 9 full carbon fiber road bike saddle with split padding design and one-piece construction

The Strike 9 will set you back $465 and, fortunately, color options for the saddle cover, logo and rails don’t add to that.

Dash Cycles Strike 9 full carbon fiber road bike saddle with split padding design and one-piece construction


notapro - 10/02/12 - 4:22pm

@ $465 you’re gonna need that giant relief area cuz someone’s just ripped you a new one. yes, i’m drinking hatorade.

Gillis - 10/02/12 - 4:32pm

Definitely a try-before-you-buy item.

Evan - 10/02/12 - 4:41pm

almost a toilet seat

Jonathan - 10/02/12 - 4:47pm

good point Evan. No more need to stop for “nature breaks”.

digi - 10/02/12 - 5:51pm

WTF???? Really? jeebus, Theyll sell a bunch to the tri guys…

Steve M - 10/02/12 - 6:26pm

Gutterball technology.

Ajax - 10/02/12 - 6:29pm

No way! $465?! Is that with or without tax?

pdxley - 10/02/12 - 6:49pm

Perennial means yearly. Perineal means ‘relating to the perineum.’ Just sayin’.

Schmese - 10/02/12 - 8:06pm

They should call it the Perineal Falcon.

Pete - 10/02/12 - 8:42pm

Why so much saddle aft of the wings? Are we supposed to rest our stomachs on it while horizontally hurtling downhill? Just askin.

greg - 10/02/12 - 9:57pm

i think the length is to meet UCI minimums

JoeKing - 10/03/12 - 1:27am

This reminds me of Briko sunglasses…

You don’t know how ugly they are when you wear (sit) on them.

Forgive me, but don’t these people have a rather inflated value of their products for a new company with little (to my knowledge) cred.

zombieweekly - 10/03/12 - 8:25am

I think I’ll stick with Adamo saddles…

If its gonna be so expensive, why don’t they just make it Tri specific and kiss UCI good-bye?

Tyler (Editor) - 10/03/12 - 8:33am

pdxley – thanks, fixed it.

mike - 10/03/12 - 8:55am

zombie, they do make a uci illegal version. once you try a split nose saddle everything else makes absolutely no sense. I’m glad to see there are more options than ism/smp.

zombieweekly - 10/03/12 - 9:33am


Thanks, just went and checked their site, quite insane stuff they’re making.

cynic - 10/05/12 - 6:42am

It’s ugly as hell for sure, but makes perfect sense for time trialing. It’s essentially a 15 cm saddle with an unusually comfy looking shape for your sitting bones. The additional 10 cm in the back is there simply to meet UCI requirements (25 cm minimum saddle length). In fact the existence of this saddle proves just how dumb UCI regulations are…

Pete - 10/12/12 - 6:25pm

Other than mandating a flat saddle, which I can understand, why is length even an issue?

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