Interbike 2012: Fuji’s short-stayed 29er, carbon disc ‘crosser, slippery & stiff track bike

Fuji had an impressive line of bikes on display at Interbike this year- everything from classy townies to world-class track bikes.  A few bikes in particular stood out:

The 2013 Track Elite: Slippery and Stiff.

The 2013 Track Elite (previewed here) was developed with extensive wind tunnel testing and is said to be the stiffest Fuji ever made.  The rare (for the track world) tapered head tube  boosts steering precision as well.  Jump the barrier for a new disc ‘cross frame and what look to be some of the shortest production 29er chainstays that we’ve seen…

The carbon fiber Tahoe 1.1 29 has some impressively tight chainstays.

The $1,830 Altimira CX 1.1 frameset is disc ready and available as a complete Force-equipped bike for $1,000 more.


Floyd Roid - 09/28/12 - 10:06am

I don’t care for my bike to be covered in giant sized words, but aside from that, that Fuji track bike is sweet.

mike - 09/28/12 - 10:19am

track elite is 4750$. A bit much for a fuji with no gears or brakes.

off-roadie - 09/28/12 - 10:37am

HAHAHA, he said slippery and stiff…

Brad - 09/28/12 - 2:35pm

I’d like to see more of the powder blue bike opposite of the CX frame set.

yesplease - 09/28/12 - 3:42pm

Is that an alternate color on the CX Disc? Maybe frame only? Their website only has the green/grey.

Marc - 09/28/12 - 7:57pm


That was one classy looking $500 ss/fixed townie: the Declaration. I wish that I’d snapped a few photos…


Shawn Moore - 10/01/12 - 5:43am

@yesplease That is the frameset only colorway of the CX disc frameset.

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