Video: Peloton Magazine’s Stig Returns for Anonymous Downhill Road Time Trialing


MattS - 09/27/12 - 9:44pm

Ok, so these tests are not very scientific, fine, that’s acceptable. But don’t you guys (Peloton) think t would at least be appropriate to position Mr. H the same on each bike? After all, that’s what an actual owner of one of these would do, position the bars according to their usual drop and reach. If you want to get any sort of reliable data on the comparability of these bikes on descents, should you not at least run the same wheels, tires (and pressure), and rider position? These variables are vital and can easily be controlled

For the record, I have an S5 and run a 130 x -17 degree stem slammed to get the bars down. A -23 stem would also be used, if necessary.

rpdupre - 09/27/12 - 10:09pm

While I want to believe these tests, my scrutinizing mind can’t help but think this is incredibly subjective.

Mark W. - 09/27/12 - 10:33pm

couldnt they have atleast given him KASK track helmet so he looks like he belongs on that bike

Ryan - 09/27/12 - 11:32pm

So….what this tells me is that the bike doesn’t really matter all that much….

Meh - 09/28/12 - 3:49am

Where’s the Evo….. It would smash them all

Antipodean - 09/28/12 - 10:45am

Americans trying to emulate Top Gear and The Stig are rather sad. The whole thing would be much more interesting if we had a bloke with an English accent running the presentation. And ditto what MattS said.

ah - 09/28/12 - 2:31pm

Evidently all testing is with a bike as it comes so no controls on equip. Also all testing is at different times of the day on different days so no controls on environment. Lastly positions are not duplicated so no controls on the biggest drag factor. Good entertainment but no actual value for a decision.

Will - 09/29/12 - 3:15pm

As if you’d base your decision to buy a $10,000 bike on a 2 minute descent?

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