Levi’s Takes a Bold Leap into the Bike World w/ Cherubim Collaboration

Capitalizing on the success of their commuter line of pants, jackets, and shirts, Levi’s has teamed up with legendary  Japanese frame builders Cherubim to come out with a bike that boldly combines retro and space age characteristics.  It may look like a fixie or single-speed, but nope, there’s an 11 speed internally geared hub so you can make it to work without having to break a sweat on a steep uphill or a leg on a fast downhill.  With a steel frame, disc brakes, mustache bar, throwback seat and grips, Levi’s makes it clear style comes first.

UPDATED: More pics added below…

Levis Cherubim commuter bicycle collaboration

Levis Cherubim commuter bicycle collaboration

Levis Cherubim commuter bicycle collaboration


tsutaoka - 09/27/12 - 9:29pm

i like it. how much?

EricNM - 09/27/12 - 9:52pm

Wow. That’s gorgeous execution from the one pic. Love to know if it rides as good as it looks (and if it looks as good up close and personal.)

dimples - 09/27/12 - 10:04pm

Flip the bars and it will look better.

Eric Hancock - 09/27/12 - 10:32pm

That is a surprisingly aggressive riding position. Looks nice, though.

JimmyZ - 09/27/12 - 10:37pm

I think the fork looks too wimpy for disc brakes. A later article has a commenter pointing out a 1” steer tube as a design flaw. This bike looks like it has a 1” steer tube as well. So if the fork warps like I think it will from braking forces, there will be few good options for a replacement.

Rob - 09/28/12 - 4:23am

Frame looks quite fancy, but what with the cable routing?! Totally spoils it.

TJ - 09/28/12 - 8:22am

1) This looks way better than I would have expected

2) I completely agree with JimmyZ and Rob

Merican - 09/28/12 - 8:53am

someone needs cable management- what a rats nest up front

Ricky Bob - 09/28/12 - 11:47am

Throw a grip shifter on it and hide all cables.

Caliente - 09/28/12 - 11:47am

Being stylish means never riding in the rain. The bike looks pretty great!

G A R Y - 09/28/12 - 12:22pm

It looks like it stole the 2013 Cannondale Evo paint job, but nonetheless a fancy machine for Levi.

Editz - 09/28/12 - 3:30pm

Uh, room for fenders?

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