Wheel Writer is your Woot! Deal Of the Day


Night visibility is extremely important. With the Wheel Writer Triple Pack you’ll be the center of attention every time you hit the streets. The box includes the following:

  • Wheel Writer – Picture appear in your bike wheel as you pedal
  • Light Striper – Pinstripe your bike frame with bright electroluminescent wire
  • Gyro Flasher – Spiraling patterns of light appear in your bike wheel

You can’t go wrong for $15. Pretty much the perfect novelty guilt.

Head over to Woot to pick one up. 


Thanks to Mr. HardCore for the tip.


dave - 09/25/12 - 7:59pm

The man who wrote this is my hero. Such excellent word usage.

alex - 09/25/12 - 8:26pm

I’m pretty sure I saw these for sale at Walmart.

PDXFixed.com - 09/25/12 - 9:05pm

just bought 3

Matt - 09/26/12 - 4:54am

Novelty guilt? Someone tell the Vatican, they’d make great gifts for the baby Jesus

julien - 09/26/12 - 2:00pm

MEON, lol, here in Chile we say if children who wet the bed or someone that you go to the bathroom all the time.

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