Interbike 2012: Fast and light or warm and–well–warm, Lake’s got shoes for you!

When Lake briefly disappeared from the US market a couple of years back, cold weather riders everywhere panicked.  With little real competition, the company’s cold weather riding boots were the choice when things got nasty.  Redesigned for 2013, the company’s $280 MX303 winter shoe features extensive insulation (including an insulated insole), a Vibram outsole, and should keep your feet plenty cozy- even in Minneapolis.  Follow the pack past the break for some pleasant weather race shoes…

A close cousin of the CX401s we gave away last week, the CX331 features a carbon fiber bath tub sole, a moldable carbon fiber heel cup, and a Boa microadjust closure.  Kangaroo leather keeps them tough and antimicrobial liners keep them fresh.  Speedplay, women’s, wide, and standard fits are all available for $370.

The MX331 adds a nicely grippy natural leather sole to the CX331 while replacing the kangaroo leather for… goat.  It may not be as glamorous- but it sure is tough.  Available in North America from Stage Race distribution.


slow joe crow - 09/25/12 - 1:56pm

I’m glad they are back but I still miss the MX140. There is a place for waterproof boots that aren’t insulated for wet mild climates like the Pacific NW or UK.

Peter - 09/26/12 - 10:04am

trying to reach these people for weeks and nothing………..

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