Interbike 2012: Campagnolo Shrinks Record EPS Electronic TT Bar End Button Pods

2013 Campagnolo Record EPS TT bar end shifter levers get smaller

Shortly after announcing their Record/Super Record EPS groups, Campagnolo brought in compatible brake lever and bar end button pods and electronic levers.

For 2013, the original bar end e-levers drop down to the Athena EPS level and Record gets these shorter, lighter levers. The super stubby lever design is based on sponsored rider feedback saying they didn’t need them to be longer. They also fit well within UCI rules and are race legal.

They’ll work with Record and Super Record EPS, not Athena (here’s why). The small button under the lever is the mode/settings button. Their EPS TT brake lever shifters don’t have the mode button because some OEM customers won’t want to spec button pods on both the lever and bar ends.

Pro teams should be getting them next month and aftermarket and OEM parts should start shipping by February. Retail pricing not set yet. Flick through for more pics…

2013 Campagnolo Record EPS TT bar end shifter levers get smaller


2013 Campagnolo Athena EPS TT bar end shifter levers

2013 Campagnolo Record EPS TT bar end shifter levers get smallerFor comparison, these are the original EPS TT levers, now marked for the Athena group with the alternate wiring, making them incompatible with Record/Super Record EPS.



earlybird - 09/23/12 - 4:12pm

I think Shimano does way better concerning the looks of the e-shifters for TT.

Frank - 09/23/12 - 4:59pm

I got excited when I saw “Campagnolo shrinks …” then I saw that it wasn’t the battery.

Phil - 09/24/12 - 9:20pm

Played with these at the show and they “felt” really good. the whole system was a surprise how nice it felt/ rode and it looks better in person. The cranks both Athena and record are also way cool. Can’t wait to get in some to build up.

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