Interbike 2012: Briko return to the US with 5.0 Project

After a 2-10 year absence (depending on where in the US we’re talking), fabled eyewear and softgood maker Briko is returning to the US market.  With a nice looking range of clothing and helmets (and of course glasses), the company is proudest of its loosely-coordinated “5.0 Project” line.  A helmet (shown below the break) is joined by men’s and women’s tops and bottoms ranging from timeless to full-blown extrovert.  The shorts, in particular, looked nicely thought out, well made, and comfortable.  Hit the jump for more photos!


ekko - 09/23/12 - 7:10am

…and now they can go away again.

Steve - 09/24/12 - 4:20pm

Geebus, their clothing is hideous.

Bill Crawford - 09/28/12 - 11:31am

And how about those alien shaped glasses. They fit great and looked out of this world.

Bringem back!

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