Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Fat Bike, Not Snow Bike :)

bikerumor pic of the day vertigo fat bike

Photo submitted by Ricky deLeyos, “I’ve been riding my Vertigo Cycles titanium fat bike since April, and I hardly spend any time atop the rest of my quiver anymore. The builder, Sean Chaney, designed it nimble, so it rides light and quick. I love it!”

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Psi Squared - 09/22/12 - 8:34am

That’s a sweet looking ride.

iwouldratherbemakingporn - 09/22/12 - 8:46am

You better lock that bad boy up if your ever in the Hood, some rat would love it. Yeah, its pretty sweet.
Is the long seat post flexy at all?

LoRider - 09/22/12 - 10:00am

Lovely looking ride.

I too wonder about that seat post, it may not be but it looks floppy. Finally if this bike is ridden on 90% + asphalt, schwalabe marathon supremes & maybe a bigger chainring would allow for more speed.

BillyBob - 09/22/12 - 11:20am

Longest seatpost ever! Cool bike

Jerome - 09/22/12 - 12:38pm

Awesomely amazing super gorgeous looking bike! I’m not much into fat bikes, but this one rules supreme! Kudos to the builder and thanks for publishing this picture.

rico - 09/22/12 - 12:46pm

Saw one of these by Surly at REI in Seattle this week. Couldn’t find the weight in any of the material, not the catalog, not the website, not the pamphlet on the stand. So what does that thing weigh?

Lancelotlink17 - 09/22/12 - 1:01pm

Nice Blacksheep clone!

Pat - 09/22/12 - 1:53pm

One of my all-time favorite bikes. Ricky detailed the build over at MTBR.

@LoRider: Definitely not a sidewalk cruiser:

@Lance: Not a clone. That’s a Black Sheep fork he’s got on there. The frame is nothing like anything Black Sheep sells.

HWNSNBS - 09/22/12 - 1:56pm

…is that a Black Sheep clone?, my first thought was Jeff Jones.

Rickyd - 09/22/12 - 2:32pm

The fork is a black sheep but the frame is a vertigo. This frame is totally unlike any black sheep I’ve ever seen, e.g., my short 417mm chainstays :)

Steve Bork - 09/22/12 - 5:29pm

Looks like the perfect rig for cruising the multi use trails. You ever thought of taking it off road?

Sark - 09/23/12 - 10:04am

Nice Jeff Jones fork!!
The frame though has a nice and crisp stance!
It just want play!!
Respect to the builder!

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